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Kaneka North America, LLC To Increase The Off List Selling Price For Kane Ace® Specialty Additives

2017-01-31 01:43
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PASADENA, Texas, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to recent significant increases of key raw materials, Kaneka North America, LLC will increase the off list selling price for Kane Ace® specialty additives per the following schedule Feb.1, 2017 or as Contracts or Agreements allow:


Feb. 1, 2017 INCREASE

Kane Ace® MBS impact modifiers


Kane Ace® Processing Aids 


Kane Ace® Acrylic impact modifiers


Kane Ace® K-Blend - Performance modifiers


Account managers will be contacting customers to review this situation in greater detail. Kaneka North America, LLC values each business relationship highly and will continue to monitor changes in the raw material situation to keep pricing in line with the direction of those changes.

About the Company

Kaneka Corporation is a global, diversified manufacturing company that produces and/or distributes pharmaceutical intermediaries, synthetic fibers, fine chemicals, polyimide film, food ingredients, medical devices and certain other specialized products. Kaneka North America, LLC is a subsidiary of Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc.

Kane Ace® products are resin modifiers created based on a multilayer-structure polymer particle design (core-shell technology). These products disperse uniformly throughout the base resin and add a variety of functions. Kaneka manufactures and sells products that modify impact resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy as well as products that add a light diffusion characteristic and other properties.

Media Contact:
Craig Bastian


Source: Kaneka North America, LLC

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