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Guian New Area's Economic Upgrade Driven by Big Data

2017-03-16 15:08
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GUIYANG, China, Mar. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Guian New Area, China's state approved national-level economic zone in southwestern Guizhou province, is vigorously developing the big data business, which is fundamental to the new area's economic upgrade and business alliance.

By embracing big data, Guian is adopting a growth strategy which is key to China's economic restructuring. Driven by a mission to become China's first big data business center, an exemplary database center in southern China and a national green data center, Guian New Area has attracted major companies including China's top three telecom operators, Huawei and Foxconn to build their data centers in the zone, aiming to grow service capacity to 300,000 servers this year, laying a solid foundation for the digital economy.

Guian New Area has also partnered with U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm to establish HXT Semiconductor Technology Ltd. In Guian to develop advanced chipsets for servers and build an Integrated Circuit (IC) Park, with plans to produce the first generation of chipsets next year.

Guian's Digital Economy Industrial Park has already attracted China Big Data, Hua data Technology and other companies that specialize in the business of big data collection, cleansing, processing and application.

In addition, the Guian Cloud Village has partnered with Tus-Holdings Co. Ltd. to set up and improve a public cloud computing platform, cloud-based service applications and a system of innovation and development for the cloud industry, underscoring the core function of the digital economy.

Guian will accelerate the development of big data, and build an open incubation park that allows free communication of ideas, so as to propel innovation of big data projects. This year, over 30 incubated companies are expected to start production.

Guian's smart terminal product industrial park will focus on businesses including smart cell phones, wearable devices, automobile intelligent connection devices and robots, with plans to produce over 50 million pieces of smart terminal products this year.

Guian's big data Comprehensive Duty-Free Zone, based on a platform that integrates service trade, electronic port, application approval, warehouse & logistics and processing trade, is expected to generate import & export turnover of more than 289 million USD, helping to accelerate the development of the digital economy.

About Guian New Area

Guian New Area is the eighth national-level new area in China, shoulders three major responsibilities - key driver of economic growth in western China, breaking new ground in economic opening, and the benchmark of sound and vibrant eco-system zone.

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