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ALTUS Digital Capital to Energize Digitalization in Southeast Asia

2017-04-18 20:34
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SINGAPORE, BANGKOK and MANILA, Philippines, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Private Equity firm ALTUS Digital Capital (ADC) established and managed in Southeast Asia, is adding its financial and human capital and deep digital know-how to partner with both native digital companies and offline companies in need of a digital expression -- fast becoming a catalyst in accelerating the process of digitalization in emerging markets. The company has recently made 3 significant investments in 2016 and is in varying stages of closing 3 more in 2017.

Founded in 2016 and anchored in cutting-edge expertise in emerging technologies, innovation-driven business modeling, and best-in-class digital business local talent development, ADC is dedicated to overcoming the pain points of digitalization and addressing innovation from a home-grown perspective. Currently, the company works in the fintech, e-commerce and TMT sectors.

Owner-Operator Private Equity as developed by ADC is the innovative anchor concept uniquely tailored to solving the unique Southeast Asia market issues in digitalization.  Not just financial professionals found in a typical PE firm, ADC has built a diverse and growing team of 65 professionals with skill sets in high demand in the region -- digital marketing, software development, and business & financial analysis; that it actively applies to solving the problems encountered in the development and execution of digitalization investments.  It has built a cutting-edge digital activation platform -- a reusable and scalable data management architecture, a fully digital studio for media development, and a unique productization process that accelerates the go-to-market time and significantly lowers the cost of launching new digital products. These assets combined with its know-how and capital help improve investment theses and derisk outcomes in the course of its investments, enabling better products and services to emerge that solve real local South East Asia market problems in a very localized South East Asian way.  ADC builds digital-driven business solutions which are not only scalable and innovative, but most importantly, socially relevant and redeeming.

ADC places a huge premium on efficient collaboration in its ecosystems and 3rd party partnership to reach end-state and create value with each partner's unique attributes, a very non-Western approach to Private Equity and value creation. ADC offers its passion for creating value through effective digital footprints, making it a catalyst in Southeast Asia's economic growth and a reliable steward in developing local talents towards an ever-demanding digitalization brewing in the region.

Arvi Persan Pernia Lopez

Source: ALTUS Digital Capital
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