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Sweet meets savory in Café DKSH 2017

2017-05-18 14:11
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DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, recently hosted its seventh annual Café DKSH gourmet event in Hong Kong, inviting chefs from the local community for ideas exchange and international brands for product showcase.

HONG KONG, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DKSH has staged its annual Café DKSH event in Hong Kong on April 27, 2017, showcasing sweet and savory creations by renowned pâtissiers including Thomas Lui, Eric Perez and Andy Li. Chefs from the savory side included Daniel Birkner and Frederic Masse.

Café DKSH is a signature gourmet event organized annually by DKSH's Business Line Gourmet Fine Foods in Hong Kong and Macau. It provides a platform for chefs to gather and share new ideas and insights for food creations. This year, close to two hundred chefs participated and shared thoughts on the trends in the gourmet food industry.

Crowned as one of Hong Kong's most awarded and celebrated chocolatiers and pâtissiers, Thomas Lui joined Café DKSH representing Cacao Barry. Repeatedly joining Café DKSH, Eric Perez from Macaron Training Centre in Bangkok represented Elle & Vire. Andy Li, representing Carma, showcased his 3D show pieces. Frederic Masse from Masse France showed a taste of sweet touch using foie gras and truffles. Daniel Birkner, President of Disciples Escoffier's Hong Kong delegation, shared his creations using Davigel French seafood and green vegetables.  

"It is our honor to have so many star chefs and brands present at the seventh edition of Café DKSH in Hong Kong. This year, we expanded our savory portfolio and therefore our theme for Café DKSH is 'Sweet meets Savory'. All the showcased products can be found on our digital platform DKSH Connect, which offers a new convenient way for us to interact with our partners. The platform offers the e-product catalogue and e-ordering at one click, 24 hours a day. At DKSH, we continuously strive to deliver the best services for our business partners, from physical touch and feel in Café DKSH to online ordering via DKSH Connect," said Sharon Lee, Vice President Asia, Gourmet Fine Foods, Business Unit Consumer Goods, DKSH.

About DKSH

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. As the term "Market Expansion Services" suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2012, DKSH is a global company headquartered in Zurich. With 780 business locations in 36 countries -- 750 of them in Asia -- and 30,320 specialized staff, DKSH generated net sales of CHF 10.5 billion in 2016. DKSH was founded in 1865. With strong Swiss heritage, the company has a long tradition of doing business in and with Asia and is deeply rooted in communities and businesses across Asia Pacific.

DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods is Asia's leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on fast moving consumer goods, food services, luxury goods, fashion and lifestyle products as well as hair and skin cosmetics. The Business Unit's comprehensive Market Expansion Services extend from product feasibility studies and registration to importation, customs clearance, marketing and merchandising, sales, warehousing, capillary physical distribution, invoicing, cash collection and after-sales services. With 720 business locations in 20 countries and around 16,370 specialized staff, Business Unit Consumer Goods serves 310,000 retail outlets on a daily basis and generated net sales of CHF 3.8 billion in 2016.

Source: DKSH Hong Kong Limited

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