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MEDIA NEWS: Media Moves at Asia Economy, Thomson Reuters Seoul, and more……

PR Newswire’s Media Research Department makes thousands of updates to the database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news across Asia-Pacific from the research team.


Hong Kong

48 Hours  48 Hours

Mr. Kevin Kwong joined as Managing Editor. @appappapps

Mr. Truman Au joined as Editor.


Dash Dash @Hongkongdash

Ms. Suki Lau joined as Web Editor.


Good Eating  Good Eating

Ms. Susan Jung joined as Senior Food and Wine Editor.


Local Press  Local Press

Mr. Lewis Loud joined as Website Editor.

Mr. Eddie Leung joined as Chief Editor.



Mr. Eric Kwok @NWP_Eric joined as Website Editor.


Passion Times  Passion Times @Passiontimes

Mr. Chan Sau Wai joined as Editor.


Sun Radio Hong KongSun Radio Hong Kong

 Mr. Leo A. Deocadiz joined as Station Director.



The Sun   The Sun

Ms. Daisy Catherine L. Mandap joined as Editor.



Bahana FM  Bahana FM @bahanafmjkt

Mr. Iwan Priyatna joined as Station Manager.


 bali buzz  bali buzz

Mr. Meidyatama Suryodiningrat joined as Editor-in-Chief. @beritabuana

Mr. Sayadi joined as Editor-in-Chief.



Mr. Sokip SH joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Dinamika  Dinamika @KoranDinamika

Mr. Barkah Karianto joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Gatra  Gatra @GATRA_News

Mr.Budiono Kartohadiprodjo left as Editor-in-Chief.


Eksekutif  Eksekutif @eksekutifmagz

Mr. Wahyu Indrasto joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Global Business Guide Indonesia  Global Business Guide Indonesi @GBG_Indonesia

Ms. Lianna Plaut joined as Editorial Director.


Haluan Kepri  Haluan Kepri

Mr. Rinaldi Samjaya joined as Editor-in-Chief.

Mr. Ramli joined as Marketing Director.


Haluan Riau  Haluan Riau @haluan_riau

Mr. H.Dheni Kurnia @DheniKurnia joined as Managing Director.

Mr. Azis Nurjaman joined as Publisher.


Harian Bhirawa  Harian Bhirawa @bhirawaonline

Mrs.Nawang Lestari joined as Editor-in-Chief


Harian Mimbar Umum  Harian Mimbar Umum @mimbarumumberit.

Mr. Mohd.Hadhi Al Fahuz  joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Harian Umum Haluan  Harian Umum Haluan @HaluanMedia @harianhaluan

Mr. H Desfandri joined as Managing Director.

Mr. Yon Erizon joined as Editor – in – Chief.

Mr. David Ramadian joined as Marketing Manager.

Mr. Zul Effendi joined as General Manager.


Harian Umum Nusa Bali  Harian Umum Nusa Bali

Mr. I Ktut Naria joined as Editor-in-Chief.


JJK  JJK @JJKmagazine

Mr. Imam Wisaya Surataruna joined as Managing Editor.



Kompas  Kompas @kompascom

Mr. Hariadi Saptono left as Editor (Nusantara).

Mr.Taufik Mihardja left as Deputy Editor-in-Chief.


Majalah elshinta  Majalah elshinta @MajalahElshinta

Mr. Iwan Haryono  joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Maluku News  Maluku News

Mr. Sahlan Heluth joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Medan Bisnis  Medan Bisnis @medanbisnis

Mr. Bersihar Lubis  joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Monalisa FM Pemalang   Monalisa FM Pemalang

Mr. Bang Hendra Takhrudin joined  as Station Manager.


Panjebar Semangat  Panjebar Semangat

Mrs. Arkan Disari joined as Editor-in-Chief.


 PAS FM  PAS FM @pasfm

Mrs. Gabby Sheilena Anggoro joined as Station Manager.


Perencanaan Pembangunan  Perencanaan Pembangunan @bappenas

Dr. Bustang joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Pesona FM  Pesona FM @PesonaFM_Madiun

Mrs. Janti Amdini joined as Station Manager.


PULSA  PULSA @redaksipulsa

Mr. Dhony Iskandar joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Radar Bandung  Radar Bandung @radarbandung

Mr. Suhendrik joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Radio Elshinta FM  Radio Elshinta FM

Mr. Eddy Harsono joined as station Manager.


Radio Mustang  Radio Mustang @mustang88fm

Mr. Felix Saputra replaced Ms Miranty Sudrajat as Chief Editor.


Rakyat Bengkulu  Rakyat Bengkulu @SebutSajaRB

Mr. Zaki Antoni joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Ramako Magic Music  Ramako Magic Music

Mrs. Sri Adyanti Sudharmono joined as Head of Station.



Ms. Lilis Amalia Rosita joined as Editor-in-Chief.



MR. Ilham joined as Editor-in-Chief.



Impiana  Impiana

Puan Emma Susi Marini Masri replaced Mr.Rosli Ahmad as Editor


Libur  Libur @majalahlibur

Mr. Hafiz Zullah replaced Ms.Noor Nazlia Mohd Iqbal  as Journalist.


Majalah PC  Majalah PC @majalahpc

Ms. Ani Nadila Yusoff left as Editor.

Mr. Mohd Syafiq Bakri left as Journalist.


Nona  Nona @MajalahNona

Ms. Noor Shazlina Adnan left  as Assistant Editor


Nur  Nur @MajalahNur

Ms.Faridah Talib replaced Ms.Noraznina Ismail as Journalist

Ms. Nurhafizah Mohd.Shah replaced Ms. Mashitah Abdul Rahman as Journalist.

Ms. Noor Ain Othman joined as Journalist.


Pesona Pengantin    Pesona Pengantin

Puan Siti Zurinah Md.Saman  replaced Mrs. Pupe Rahaizad Darsono as Editor.


Remaja  Remaja @remaja

Mr. Ishamuddin Md Zain replaced Ms. Nor Aini Mohamed as Editor.





 enabalista  enabalista@ena_teo

Ms. Ena Teo joined as Blogger.



South Korea

Aju Economy  Aju Economy@ajudaily

Mr. Bong-Kook Kim replaced Mr. Jin-Young Kim as Editor-in-Chief.


Allure Korea  Allure Korea @allurekorea

Mr. Ji-Hoo Kim replaced Ms Ju-Hyun Kim as Fashion Editor.

Mr. Yong-Man Park left as Publisher.

Ms. Min-Jeong Kim joined as  Fashion Editor.

Ms. Seon-Young Park left as Director of Fashion Team.


Arte TV  Arte TV @tv_arte

Mr. Min-Ho Choi left as Assistant Producer.

Mr. Chang-Yong Lee left as Chief of Programming Div.


Asia Economy  Asia Economy @asiae_daily

Mr. Myeong-Seok Chae left as Reporter

Mr. Young-Moo Kim left as Managing Editor

Mr. Hyeon-Man Shin left as Deputy Chairman

Mr. Sang-Joo Choi replaced Mr. Dae-Woo Kwon as Chairman

Mr. Eui-Cheol Lee joined as Chief of Political & Economic News Division

Mr. Jong-Soo Kim joined as Chief of Stock News Division

Mr. Myung-Jae Lee joined as Chief of Social & Cultural News Division


Asia Today  Asia Today

Mr. Myung-Hoe Kim replaced Mr. Won-Hyung Hahm as Chief of Economic News Division.

Mr. Yi-Seok Kim replaced Mr. Young-In Kim as Chief of Editorial Writer.

Mr. Kyoo-Seong Lee replaced Mr. Byung-Oh Min as Chief of Industry News Division.


Associated Press – Seoul Bureau  Associated Press – Seoul Bureau @AP

Ms. Jean Lee left as Bureau Chief.


Automotive News Korea  Automotive News Korea

Ms. Sung-Hee Im left as Publisher.

Ms. In-Young Jang joined as Reporter.


Aving  Aving @AVING_KOREA

Ms. Mi-Ri An replaced Ms. Min-Jeong Kwak as Reporter.

Mr. Young-Moo Choi replaced Ms. Eun-Kyung Son as Reporter.


Bada Naksi  &  Sea Lurelog  Bada Naksi  &  Sea Lurelog

Mr. Kook-Jin Ahn replaced Mr. Tae-Heon Kim as Publisher/President.


Best Eleven  Best Eleven

Ms. Seul-Ki Moon replaced Mr. Deok-Ki Kim as Reporter.

Ms. Young-Joo Park left as Reporter.

Mr. Kyu-Seop Choi joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Beyond Donga    Beyond Donga

Mr. Ju-Young An left as Chief of Business Team.

Ms. Joo-Young Lee left as Chief of Production & Programming Team.

Mr. Won-Kook Cho joined as Director of Production & Programming Team.

Mr. Choong-Won Kwon replaced Ms. Yoon-Young Jang as Chairman.

Mr. Ki-Hwan Jeong replaced Mr. Myung-Gyo Lee as Producer.

Mr. Seon-Woo Jeon replaced Mr. Hae-Rin Ryu as Producer.


Bloomberg  - Seoul Bureau  Bloomberg  – Seoul Bureau @BloombergTV @BloombergNews

Mr. Jun-Seok Yang left as Reporter.


Break News  Break News

Ms. Chae-Ri Yoo replaced Ms. Soo-Yeon Kim as Reporter.


CEO News  CEO News

Mr. Yong-Seok Shin replaced Mr. Sang-Hee Han as Publisher.

Chirstian Broadcasting System (CBS Jeju)  Chirstian Broadcasting System (CBS Jeju)

Mr. Jae-Woo Bae replaced Mr. Kyung-Joong Min as Head of CBS Jeju.


Chirstian Broadcasting System (CBS Pohang)  Chirstian Broadcasting System (CBS Pohang) @phcbs

Mr. Jae-Won Kim left as Chief of Newsroom.

Mr. Dae-Ki Kim joined as Reporter.


Christian Broadcasting System (CBS Gyeongnam)  Christian Broadcasting System (CBS Gyeongnam)

Mr. Myung-Moon Hwang replaced Mr. Dong-Hyuk Kim as Head of Newsroom.

Mr. Il-Eok Kim replaced Mr. Ki-Yeob Yang as Head of CBS Gyeongnam.


Chungcheong Maeil  Chungcheong Maeil

Mr. Joo-Yeon Byun replaced Mr. Joon-Young Maeng as Publisher.


Cine 21  Cine 21 @cine21_editor

Mr. Choong-Hwan Kim replaced Mr. Sang-Yun Kim as Publisher.

Mr. Seok Moon left as Editor-in-Chief.


Concept  Concept

Ms. Ye-Jin Jeon replaced Ms Yang-Mi Kim as Reporter.

Ms. Ha-Ram Seo left as Reporter.

Mr. Seong-Cheol Yun left as Editor-in-Chief.


Daara Magazine  Daara Magazine @daara_story

Ms. Bo-Young Hong replaced Ms. Myung-Hee Cho as Reporter.

Mr. Jin-Seong Kim replaced Mr. Min-Jung Lee as Reporter.


Economic Review  Economic Review @ER_Tweetnews

Mr. Jae-Young Heo replaced Mr. Jae-Young Choi as Reporter.

Mr. Jin-Hong Choi replaced Mr. Seong-Il Hong as Chief of Financial Technology Team.

Ms. Nam-Hee Kim replaced Ms. Eun-Kyung Kim as Reporter.

Mr. Jin-Woo Lee replaced Mr. Seung-Joon Koo as Managing Editor.


Economy Today  Economy Today @etomedia

Mr. Ji-Seong Kim replaced Mr. Kwang-Seok Ahn as Senior Reporter.

Mr. In-Young Kim replaced Mr. Jae-Kwon Park as Publisher.

Mr. Il-Kwon Kim replaced Mr. Seong-Mo Yang as Reporter.

Mr. Hee-Je Cho joined as Editor-in-Chief.


Frontier Times  Frontier Times

Mr. Seong-Bong Kim replaced Ms. Yang-Sook Choi as Chairman.

Mr. Chi-Woo Han replaced Ms Sook-Kyung Kim as Senior Editor.

Ms. Young-Hee Jeong left as Assistant.

Mr. Ho-Min Park joined as Reporter.


Game About  Game About @Gameabout

Mr. Eui-Sik Moon joined as Reporter.


Golf  for Women  Golf for Women

Mr. Dae-Hwan Jang replaced Mr. Hyung-Seok Kim as Publisher.


GQ Korea  GQ Korea @GQKOREA

Mr. Yong-Man Park left as Publisher.



Mr. Pil-Moon Jeong joined as Reporter.

Mr. Seong-Pil Choi joined as Reporter.


Ilda  Ilda @ildaro

Ms. Jeong-Eun Yoon replaced Ms. Hee-Jung Park as Editor-in-Chief.


Invest Korea Bulletin  Invest Korea Bulletin @KOTRA_SV

Mr. Young-Ho Oh replaced Mr. Hank Ahn as Publisher.

Mr. Yong-Chan Kim left as Publisher.


IT Times  IT Times

Mr. Hyun-Il Seo replaced Mr. In-Sik Koo as Reporter.

Ms. Hye-Ryang Jang joined as Reporter.


Kiup Nara  Kiup Nara

Mr. Seong-Cheol  Park replaced Mr. Seung-Shin Kim as Editor-in-Chief.


Korea Foundation Newsletter  Korea Foundation Newsletter @KoreaFoundation

Ms. Hye-Ji Kim replaced Ms. Eun-Young Jang as Editor.

Mr. Hyun-Seok Yoo replaced Mr.Woo-Sang Kim as Publisher.


Korea Times  Korea Times @koreatimes

Mr. Seong-Jin Choi left as Editorial Writer.

Mr. Jun-Heon Nho left as Chief of New Media Division.

Mr. Moo-Jong Park left as President/Publisher.

Mr. Jun-Heon Noh left as Director of Business Division.

Mr. Yoo-Cheol  Kim joined as Chief of Industrial News Division.

Mr. Hwan-Woo Lee joined as Chief of Political News Division.

Ms. Ja-Young Yoon joined as Economic News Division.


Korea Tourism News  Korea Tourism News

Ms. Eun-Kyung Kim replaced Ms. Soo-Jeong Kim as Editor.

Ms. Min-Hee Yoo replaced Ms. Ji-Eun Kim as Editor.


Maxim   Maxim

Mr. Seung-Min Yoo replaced Mr. Jae-Hyung Shin as Publisher


Medical Doctor Journal(MD Journal)  Medical Doctor Journal(MD Journal)

Mr. In-Chang Ko left as Publisher.


Micro Software  Micro Software @maso_twt

Mr. An-Koo An replaced Mr. Do-Young Jeon as Editor-in-Chief.

Mr. Hyun-Woo Choo replaced Mr. Hee-Yong Jeong as President/Publisher.

Ms. Hye-Rim Jang replaced Mr. Byung-Hyuk Lee as Reporter.

Mr. Soo-Hyun Cho joined as Reporter.


Money  Money

Ms. Jeong-Won Yang replaced Mr Heon-Joo Chang as Reporter.

Mr. Oh-Joon Kwon replaced Mr Hyuck Lim as Editor-in-Chief.


Monthly Golf  Monthly Golf

Mr. In-Se Lee left as Editor-in-Chief.


Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (Busan)  Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (Busan) @busanmbcnews

Mr. Cheol-Ho Moon replaced Mr. Soo-Byeong Kim as President.

Mr. Hee-Moon Park replaced Mr. Eun-Soo Tak as Chief of News Team.

Ms. Yoo-Na Kim replaced Ms. Ye-Ji Yoon as Assistant of News Room.


Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)  Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) @withMBC

Mr. Sang-Won Hong left as Reporter.

Mr. Young-Bae Jeon left as Executive Director.

Mr. Sung-Soo Kim left as Editorial Writer.

Mr. Kwang-Han Ahn replaced Mr. Jae-Cheol Kim as President of MBC.


Newspaper & Boradcasting  Newspaper & Boradcasting

Mr. Byung-Ho Kim replaced Mr. Seong-Joon Lee as Publisher.



Nutradex Report  Nutradex Report @nutradex

Mr. Yong-Heon Hahm replaced Mr. Young-Bok Lee as President.




Outdoor News  Outdoor News @outdoornews_kr

Ms. Joo-Hee Lee replaced Ms. Kyung-Sun Kim as Reporter.

Mr. Doo-Yong Lee joined as Editor-in-Chief.


PD Journal  PD Journal

Mr. Keon-Sik Park replaced Mr. Dae-Joon Hwang as Publisher.

Ms. Young-Joo Choi joined as Reporter.

Ms. Yeon-Joo Bang joined as Reporter.

Ms. Se-Ok Kim joined as Reporter.


Plastics Korea  Plastics Korea

Mr. Joon-Hyung Lee replaced Mr. Hoon Park as Reporter.


Public Art  Public Art

Ms. Seon-A Moon replaced Ms. Hye-Rin Lee as Reporter.


Review Star  Review Star

Ms. Hye-Jeong Kim replaced Ms. Sook-Hee Kim as Reporter.

Ms. Yoon-Hee Jeon replaced Ms. Hye-Young Lim as Reporter.


Robot Technology  Robot Technology

Ms. Jeong-Hee Moon replaced Ms. Yo-Hee Jeong as Editor-in-Chief.


Seoul Shinmun STV  Seoul Shinmun STV@seoulstv

Mr. Sang-Hyuk Kim replaced Mr. Seong-Chu Hong as President.

Ms. So-Yeon Jeong replaced Mr. Tae-Yong Kim as Reporter.


Tech Times  Tech Times @outdoornews_kr

Mr. Seong-Cheol  Park replaced Mr. Seung-Shin Kim as Editor-in-Chief.


Technoa  Technoa

Mr. Pil-Kyoo Kim replaced Mr. Jeong-Ho Cha as Publisher.

Mr. Kyung-Seok Lee joined as Reporter.


TexHerald  TexHerald

Mr. Jong-Ho Lee left as Publisher.

Ms. Kyung-Eun Lee joined as Reporter.


The Korea Post  The Korea Post@TheKoreaPost

Ms. Kyung-Sook Yoon replaced Mr. Hyung-Dae Kim as President.


The Science & Technology  The Science & Technology @KOFST

Ms. Mi-Jin Oh replaced Ms. Hye-In Lee as Editor.

Mr. Boo-Seop Lee replaced Mr. Sang-Dae Park as Publisher.


Thomson Reuters – Seoul Bureau  Thomson Reuters – Seoul Bureau @thomsonreuters

Mr. Tony Munroe replaced Mr. David Chance as Chief of Seoul Bureau.

Ms. Mi-Young Kim left as Correspondent.

Ms. Keun-Young Park left as Assistant Manager.


Tomato TV  Tomato TV

Mr. Kwang-Seok Jeong left as Director of Newsroom.


Tongil News  Tongil News @tongilnews

Mr. Jeong-Hoon Cho joined as Reporter.


Transportation News   Transportation News

Mr. Ok-Hwan Jang replaced Mr. Han-Joon Park as Publisher.

Mr. Seung-Han Lee joined as Reporter.


W Korea   W Korea @wkorea

Mr. Yong-Man Park left as Publisher.


Wolgan PT  Wolgan PT @monthlyPT

Mr. Seok-Kyoon Oh replaced Mr. Young-Bok Nam as Editor-in-Chief.

Ms. Young-Mi Yoo left as Reporter.


Yeohaeng Sketch  Yeohaeng Sketch

Mr. Hyo-Jin Park replaced Ms. Soo-Young Son as Editor-in-Chief.



Eastern Daily News  Eastern Daily News

Mr. Wang Guo Rong joined as Deputy Supervisor of Reporter Department.


iSwii  iSwii

Ms. Ashley Tsai joined as Web Editor.


Juksy  Juksy

Ms. Ruby Liang joined as Website Editor.


MOT Times  MOT Times

Ms. Sabrina Chen joined as Managing Editor.


Moya  Moya

Ms. Corina Tse joined as Chief Editor.

Ms. Katrina Chen Li Jun joined as Managing Editor.

Ms. Zhuo Shi Yi joined as the Administrator (News Department).


Taiwan Products - Agricultural

Taiwan Products

– Agricultural

– Auto Parts and Motorcycles

– Electronics, Computer and Communication

– Gifts & Stationery & Houseware

– Hardware, Building Materials and Furniture

– Machinery

– Medical Equipment & Health Care

– Miscellany

– Sporting Goods & Bicycles

– Textile & Apparel

Ms. Xue Ming Gui replaced Ms. Chen Zhao Jin as Editor.


Taste  Taste

Ms. Harvey Wu joined as Editor-In-Chief.

Ms. Tina Lee joined as Editor.


Charmaine Chow is the Media Research Manager for PR Newswire. For more media related news, follow us at @PRNA4media.