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Here’s What Asia-Pacific Journalists Don’t Tell You About Their News Gathering Activities

Our recent journalist survey report explains about the working status of Asia-Pacific journalists and how they gather news stories. The push for news gathering efforts has gathered momentum, as journalists seek ways to maximize press releases and round out their skill sets.

The vast majority of respondents wants to tell stories in more compelling and engaging ways. Newsworthy content is more essential for journalists than ever. They want to cut through all the noise for their news audience.

Full report of the survey findings can be downloaded from here.

Here are some of the survey’s key findings:
1. The Value of News
How journalists in Asia-Pacific use press release effectively? It turns out, they stick to the traditional news values. They look for interesting story angles to break the news.

2. Multi-platform Media Landscape
They want to master new methods of gathering and delivering news. Multimedia storytelling skills are among new skill sets that journalists want to acquire, i.e. video filming/editing, graphic design, and web design.

3. Best Time to Pitch News Stories
The vast majority (40%) of Asia-Pacific journalists who responded to the survey preferred to be pitched between 9 and 11 am. Many find emails as their most-favored mode of communication.

4. Job Satisfaction
About 55% of respondents–in the age range of 21-40 and 31-40—are satisfied with their current journalistic career. While a whopping 84% intend to continue working in the editorial team for the next five years.

Infographic of the survey report.
PR Newswire Journalist Survey Infographic

Patrick Hutapea is the Senior Audience Development Executive in Indonesia for PR Newswire.