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[Slideshare] 15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2016 : Kick-start the new year with a killer press release

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We are all visual creatures. When we are presented with large chunks of
information, we need visuals to help us process and remember the content. [Slideshare] 15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2016 : Kick-start the new year with a killer press releaseWhen press releases with visuals are distributed to the media, the number of views is 1.4 times more than text-only releases, and video releases receive 2.8 times more views.

Hence it is important for PR and corporate communications professionals to have a mix of multimedia assets in their releases to maximise the chances of their releases getting picked up by the media.

Ranging from anniversaries to festivals and corporate acquisitions, let us share with you how brands made use of multimedia assets including videos and infographics to capture the short attention span of their audiences in the digital world of 2016.

We have shortlisted 15 best eye-grabbing storytelling visuals that will hopefully inspire you to add more dimension to your next release.

15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2016:

1) Lang Lang and Cookie Monster Featured in PSA Promoting Early Childhood Development

2) ASIA TIMES EXCLUSIVE: Pope Francis urges world not to fear China’s rise in interview with AT columnist Francesco Sisci

3) Princess Cruises Debuts New Livery Design on Majestic Princess

4) Ten Contemporary Hong Kong Artists Explore Time & Scale at H Queen’s, Central’s New Purpose-Built Art and Lifestyle Tower

5) Romance Awaits for Valentine’s Day 2017 at Singha Park International Balloon Fiesta in Chiang Rai, Thailand

6) The Walt Disney Company Announces $3 Million (RMB 20 Million) Donation to Create Play Spaces in Children’s Hospitals Across China

7) DHL Celebrates the Perfect Delivery

8) Cision Finalizes PR Newswire Acquisition

9) Eiffel Tower of The Parisian Macao is Illuminated at Sands Resorts Cotai Strip Macao

10) “We’re All Smurfs!” Art Exhibition @ Harbour City

11) Wynn Palace Now Open in Cotai, Macau

12) SAVE THE DATE – Vivid Sydney 2017

13) Countdown on for Start of The 2016 NSW Jacaranda Season

14) Communications Consultancy Reflects on 20-Year Milestone of Operating in Asia

15) TIME Hails ‘The Unusual Football Field’ by ‘AP Thailand’ One of 25 Best Inventions of 2016

Even though a picture paints a thousand words, it is also important to integrate other storytelling elements into your release. Here are 4 best practices to ensure good media pickups from journalists’ perspectives.

1) Use compelling and concise headline and sub-headlines. Ensure all important information is in the first 65 characters. Journalists are constantly flooded with releases daily, hence it is important that your headline piques their interest.

2) Short videos with subtitles are the new trend to look out for. According to Digimind, 85% of Facebook videos are being watched without sound. Hence, it is good to include videos with subtitles.

3) Avoid fluff words and go straight to the point. As journalists only report facts, eliminate the use of fluff words help them save a lot of time.  For example, instead of saying “ABC drug is ground-breaking and is never before seen”, say “ABC drug has twice the amount of paracetamol that will help relieve pain for up to an additional 12 hours”.

4) Provide insightful quotes so that journalists are able to add more layers and in-depth information when they cover your story.

For more Asia-Pacific journalists’ tips on media pickups as well as their news gathering habits, download our complimentary Survey Report: Journalists’ Working Status and News Gathering Habits in Asia Pacific today.