OSIM enters into virtual reality with the #uDreamOutOfThisWorld campaign featuring its first virtual ambassador Rae

Designed to empower individuals to have better mental health, four metaverses including a guided breathing meditation, are now available in uDream Pro.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- From the home-grown wellness brand that is synonymous with revolutionary massage innovations headlined by Asia's top celebrities, OSIM is thrilled to welcome virtual personality Rae — its first — as the ambassador for the #uDreamOutOfThisWorld campaign, promoting the world's first 5-senses well-being chair now upgraded to uDream Pro. A Singapore-born virtual being with over half a million fans on her social platforms, Rae is also the first virtual personality to join the OSIM family of renowned ambassadors such as JJ Lin, Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Lee Min Ho and more.

As the campaign ambassador, Rae introduces the magic and fantasy of the virtual landscapes from the ethereal garden to the vast galaxy, and encourages one to imagine and travel beyond the universe while indulging the senses in wonderment like none other, only with uDream Pro.

"Living in both physical and virtual realms enables me to experience out-of-this-world magic, and I am very excited that I can now share these dreamscapes for the first time, made possible by OSIM uDream Pro. It's awesome how technology is so closely intertwined in our lives, as we harness it to enhance our well-being and re-connect with ourselves. I look forward to starting my new journey of self-care as I travel through the metaverse and beyond," said Rae, Virtual Being Ambassador.

The Immersive uDream Pro 5-senses Experience

With 2 types of VR experiences to choose from via an Oculus gear, one can now go on a journey of exploration.

Dive into the deep sea and explore marine life, levitate in the galaxy universe, take a stroll in the enchanting garden of life or wind down with a guided meditation exercise set against a stunning horizon, all these via an immersive 360° user-controlled visual feast in virtual environments powered by Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the uDream Pro.

Re-defining a new level of deepest relaxation, uDream Pro is built-in with an in-depth stress analysis via its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered biometric algorithm, paired with a suite of customisable professional massage programs and technologies such as the V-Hand™ Pro Massage, 4-Hand Pro Massage and other unique features DreamScent Aroma, 3D surround sound speakers, this is a truly experiential 5-senses massage experience right at home.

The Smart Well-Being Chair with AI Stress Relief and VR Experience

Designed for a growing generation of health & wellness enthusiasts who embrace smart wellness technology in their daily lives to holistically manage their overall physical and mental well-being, new powered-by-science measurements such as Heart Index Age and Respiratory Rate are introduced in uDream Pro, in addition to the existing proprietary Body Tension BioSensors that are able to pick up an individual's body tension signals through measuring one's heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability through an AI-powered biometric algorithm and the latest electrocardiogram (ECG) technology.

OSIM uDream Pro now available in new Bronze Color

The OSIM uDream Pro officially launches in all OSIM stores and online today, with a promotional launch price of S$7,999 (UP: $9499). Owners of the uDream launched in 2020 will be able to upgrade to the uDream Pro at no extra cost, to enhance their existing mobile app software with these new features for an even more comprehensive and holistic well-being experience. Existing uDream owners are also invited to experience the upgrade at all OSIM stores, with on-site support to update their software.

About OSIM International Pte Ltd

OSIM is a global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. Established in 1980, OSIM is a brand management and niche marketing company with a focus on the well-being of consumers. The Group is innovation-driven and is an IP (intellectual property) developer. OSIM uses innovative retail concepts and constantly enhances its research and development capabilities to produce the most successful well-being products with superior designs, technologies and quality. As an IP developer, OSIM controls its brands, designs, technologies and concepts.

OSIM's core business currently comes under four complementary categories of well-being: Relax and Relief, Tone and Shape, Clean and Purify, Check and Measure. Each category carries the fundamental theme of well-being, lifestyle and positive attitude. Together, they reflect OSIM's holistic and integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle. Known for its range of innovative massage chairs, OSIM has produced some of the most iconic products such as uDivine, uLove, uInfinity, uAngel and uDiva, and has also engaged Asia's top celebrities such as Andy Lau, JJ Lin, Fan Bingbing, Lee Min Ho, Sammi Cheng to successfully market these products to the masses.

Ranked as Asia's Number 1 brand in healthy lifestyle products, OSIM operates a wide point-of-sales, with more than 435 outlets in more than 89 cities across 20 countries/regions in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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