Farewell to Data Leaks: Quantum Technology for Secure Data Future

SINGAPORE, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) can support critical data communications and storage infrastructure today, but is also future-proofed for protection in the impending quantum age. Toshiba shares insights on how QKD can potentially be applied to benefit Singapore's growing healthcare sector as a start, with Toshiba's recent breakthrough development and demonstration of QKD in securing highly sensitive healthcare data in Japan.

Many of our daily interactions – from communicating on messaging apps to online transactions – rely on encryption technology to secure the transmission and retrieval of data. QKD taps on quantum physics to do the same thing, securing the transmission of data between two or more parties over high-speed fiber-optic networks.

Toshiba Corporation, Tohoku University's Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization and Tohoku University Hospital recently demonstrated that quantum cryptographic communications technology can provide researchers and doctors with a safe data management environment, allowing for secure, real-time transmission of sensitive genome analysis and clinical case conference data. This is the world's first development and demonstration of the technology in securing highly sensitive healthcare data – a big plus.

With QKD already proving its efficacy in the healthcare sector, QKD can potentially be applied to benefit Singapore's growing healthcare sector as a starting point. As telemedicine gains traction in Singapore especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, QKD can support future developments of tele-medical services, where patients seeking consultations in remote locations can trust their privacy with doctors.

The wide-scale deployment of commercialised QKD will take time, as the technology is still being refined. While QKD is being promoted via open collaboration between the government, industry partners and universities, its advancement can be further accelerated with stakeholder engagement, infrastructure improvements and cost efficiencies.

The potential benefits of QKD are far reaching, benefitting not only data-critical industries but also private companies looking to safeguard proprietary or customer information to maintain an edge over their competitors. End users will also benefit with the increased protection of their personal data. Research into advanced technologies like QKD will grow in importance, the world looks to the next frontier of securing and future-proofing our communications infrastructure to build a safer cyberspace.