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TechX 2017


Digital disruption. Digital transformation.

Technology is changing business. No industry is immune from the torrent of disruption, from B2C companies right through to heavy industry like mining, construction and agriculture.

New emerging technologies are seducing industry with the promise of improving productivity, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs or even the potential of new business models.

The digital revolution is one that few can ignore. Business leaders need to understand the various applications of new technologies for their industry.

They need to re-define their strategy with digital at the heart. And then lead their organisation through the culture and business model change required to ensure they survive and thrive in the new digital economy.

TECHX has been created to help facilitate this revolution.

The event covers the new emerging technologies of IoT, drones, 3D, AI, GPS, robotics, blockchain, data and cyber security and applies these to a variety of use cases across industry: resources, agriculture, factories, logistics, transport, construction, utilities and cities.

Over two days we’ll be hosting 240 speakers and 85 exhibitors from across a broad range of industries, covering the entire spectrum of emerging technologies and representing the whole of Asia.

Be a transformer. Be a disruptor. Be brave. 

Be at TECHX.

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