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AmCham Shanghai’s Automotive Committee invites you to attend our third annual China Auto Outlook Conference on Wednesday, September 13 from 09:00 - 13:00 at the St. Regis Shanghai Jing'an for a look at the road ahead for China's automotive industry, with a focus on the technological trends transforming China’s automotive market: autonomous driving and the electrical vehicles sector.

This event promises to be an excellent opportunity to better understand the trends and significant issues in China’s auto industry. Topics of discussion will include: key trends in the market, key competitive dimensions and challenges, China's global auto competitiveness and government policy direction, and insights into technological and future trends that are transforming this industry.


09:00 Registration & Networking

09:30 Keynote I: Overview: China in a Global Context: Automotive Industry Trends
Qian Xu, China Director, AlixPartners

10:00 Keynote II: Government Policy: Impacts on China’s Auto Tomorrow
Liu Jianhua, Director, Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Promotion 

10:30 Panel I: The Impact of Autonomy and Self-Driving Vehicles

Bill Russo, Managing Director, Gao Feng Advisory 
Frank Wang, Vice President, Delphi Electronics & Safety Asia Pacific
Jennifer Jiang, Vice President, Automated Driving, Bosch

11:30 Panel II: Smart & Electric Cars: China’s Battery Powered Future

Bill Peng, Auto Industry Partner, Strategy& / PwC China
Hao Fei, Senior Vice President, Banma Technology (Alibaba Group)

12:30 Closing Keynote: Opportunities and Challenges

Bobby Mak, CAT Lead, Cloud & Enterprise Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research & Development

13:00 Morning Session Ends (Networking)
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