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Trend analysis is not a crystal ball, but rather a mindset to approach future challenges in disruptive environments. If women leaders want to know more about the enormous potential of trends to help them navigate the future, the ASEAN Women of Tomorrow Conference is an event not to be missed.

An interactive 2-Day event, this visionary conference will explore and discuss:

- Disruptive trends of the New Economy 

- Multi-dimensional Leadership and Gender Dividend 

- The 4P of People, Product, Purpose and Profit in the New Economy 

- A systemic approach to visualize the future (Workshop) 

The aim of the conference is to inspire women to start thinking like a futurist – a multidimensional thinker and purpose-driven leader - who are able to strategically plan ahead of market transitions and leading change, with the potential to turn specific business challenges into opportunities. 

Expecting 300-320 professional and women entrepreneurs to attend, this conference will be a powerful networking opportunity to reflect, to be empowered, and to drive real and sustainable change. 

For more information on the Conference, visit

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