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A.I. Leaders Forum


AI Leaders Forum

A.I. Leaders Forum, Asia only leaders’ event offers a platform that encourages discussion to better understand how leaders can shape their AI strategy and around the approach of translating AI into real numbers for businesses – growth, profitability and sustainability. Conceptualized with “The Power of AI” in mind, it will feature keynote sessions that will cover a range of topics including: 

- Concrete steps to begin developing AI strategic plan for the company
- How AI is transforming smart cities and energy around the world
- Measuring your return on AI
- AI and chatbots – ethics and law 

Distinguished speakers for this year’s event hail from leading edge companies such as Alibaba, SMRT Corporation, Allianz, Nvidia, A*STAR, ADDO AI, NUS to name a few.

For more details, visit the website at

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