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Agenda (Tentative)

Opening Speech
Earned Media, Earned Innovation: Global Media Trends 2019
Data Insights: Asia-Pacific Corporate Communications Trends Survey
Trend: Global Branding and Public Relations (PR) Trends Heading into 2020
Trend: Changes in International Media Ecosystem and New Opportunities for Corporate Communications
Challenge: Dealing with greater complexity - Innovation and Challenges of Global Communications for Chinese Businesses
Innovation: Media, Public Relations and Communications in the Age of Data Algorithms
Challenge: Communication Strategies and Practices in mainland China
Trend: A new Approach to Business Disclosures in Financial Media
Challenge: Brand Communication Strategies of Listed Businesses or Unicorns
Powering PR within mainland China and abroad: Brand and Global Communications


*Speaker list is in no particular order

Yujie Chen

APAC President

APAC President

Geoff Li

Founder & President

VisionWe Consultants, China

Renfeng Zhao


Brunswick Group

Arun Sudhaman

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

The Holmes Report

Rong Shang

Communications & Public Affairs Vice President


Leah Wang

Head of International Affairs

Trip.com Group

Lyndon Q. Cao

Senior Director of Marketing


Previous Speakers

* Speaker list is in no particular order

Ryan Woo

Beijing Bureau Chief, Reuters

Feng Wang

Editor-in-Chief at FT China

Yue Liu

Editor-in-Chief for Greater China at Bloomberg LP

Baijing Hu

Deputy Dean

School of Journalism and Communication

John Artman

Editor-in-Chief for English content at TechNode

Yudong Yang

Editor In Chief, Yicai & Editor In Chief, China Business News

Yan Zhu

Bureau Chief, Huanqiu

Dagang Feng

President at 36Kr

Junmin Wang

Secretary General of IUSTC

Director of Science and Technology Daily International Department

Tian Xie

General Manager of Baidu Search Ecosystem

Yanxin Yang

Operation Director of Sina News

Yuefei Pan

Founder of ZN Finance

Lydia Lu

Vice President of Communications, Honeywell

Kate Zhao

Executive Branding Director

Fosun International, New York

Guowei Li

Founder at VisionWe

Rong Shang

Vice President of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Asia-Pacific R&D Group, Microsoft

Jian Jiang

Vice President of Communication at Bosch China

Renfeng Zhao

Brunswick Group Partner

Jojo Tang

Vice President of Public Relations and Press at Porsche

Min Zhong

PR Director of Amazon China

About the Forum


As earned media is becoming more and more important, how to tell the corporate story in the global communications environment in order to earn broader brand attention, how to quantify the communication effect by measurement on channels and data, are the main topics that communicators concern about.

Increased trade frictions between countries, new technologies, new markets have brought new challenges to global corporate communications. But at the same time, thanks to evolution within the media industry and the development of new communication technologies like AI, 5G and cloud computing, the influence of content creators can be expanded rapidly through the addition of more communications channels. Besides, influencers are becoming increasingly important to corporate communicators as another tool for effective information dissemination. These changes and new industry standards lead to many questions: How to find the best communications channel? How to optimize the combination more effectively from owned media, paid media, and earned media? How to effectively evaluate the impact.

These questions will be the starting point of the key discussion topics at this year’s forum. The latest best practices and in-depth observations will also be introduced and evaluated in talks led by authoritative international and domestic media organizations, corporate communicators and industry experts.


PR Newswire’s Corporate Communications Forum will focus on enhancing companies’ understanding of news-oriented and newsworthy content communications and promote business communications between the media and corporate public relations professionals. It will also provide a forum for industry experts to highlight trends and share their insights on how corporations can ensure that they receive more comprehensive coverage, create more innovative content that tells a better story, and attract the audience’s attention amid many homogenized platforms while measuring the real influence and obtaining meaningful audience feedback amid massive amounts of communications data.

PR Newswire, along with media and corporate PR communicators, will explore the direction of development across today’s corporate communications sector, discuss current opportunities and challenges facing the sector, as well as analyze the state of content production, communications channels, platform applications and the technical means behind key communications events. In addition, it will take a close look at the trend towards future media convergence, as well as the forces driving content and technological innovation.

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