"Charming Beijing" Blooming in Vienna, the Capital of Music

VIENNA, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/-- The "Charming Beijing" Photo Exhibition and Public Day Event hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism was held recently in the Lugner City in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Hauser, Member of Parliament of Austria, Zhang Zhihong, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Austria, and Shi Anping, Inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism attended the event.

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Mr. Hauser, said that such event helps the citizens of Vienna understand Beijing vividly and deeply and he believes that the mutual visits between the two countries will be more and more frequent in the future.

Zhang Zhihong, said that the relationship between China and Austria has been advancing continuously, especially Austrian president and prime minister visited China at the same time last year, which made the cooperation between the two countries in economy, culture, tourism and science and technology deeper. The capitals of the two countries have much in common, such as a long history, fine traditions, profound cultural connotations, rich tourist resources and cultural customs, and he welcomes more Austrians to visit China.

On the day of the event, the Traditional Dragon Dance in Chinese Folk Customs and other wonderful performances caused a lot of applause at the scene. Such interactive activities as Chinese clothes try-on, paper-cutting art, hand-painted Peking Opera masks, and VR experience attracted many citizens of Vienna participate in interactive activities.

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Source: The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism
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