"VR Beautiful China" opens at CCC Bangkok as part of "China Tourism Culture Week"

BANGKOK, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "China Tourism Culture Week 2019" has opened worldwide. As a key part of the event featuring technology-culture integration, "VR Beautiful China Interactive Experience Exhibition" opened ceremoniously at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok (CCC Bangkok) on June 2. Present were Director Gu Hongxing, and Deputy Director Zhang Bo of CCC Bangkok; Charnchai Li Zhixiong, Thai Dean of BLUC Bangkok; Mr.Saroch Official at the Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture of Thailand; Rames Promyen, Director General of Museum Siam; Major General Chaiyasit from the Thailand-China Research Institute; as well as members of CCC Bangkok and journalists.

The event took in a warm atmosphere. As Thailand and Yunnan Province, China are close geographically and ancestrally, many Bangkok citizens showed strong interest in Encounter Lijiang, a VR film contributed by the Lijiang Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism. Some tourists who have been to Lijiang, drawn by the attractions in the film such as Lijiang Ancient Town and Yulong Snow Mountain, spontaneously introduced Lijiang's folk customs and their travel experiences to the nearby viewers.

Created by the China Intercontinental Communication Centre (CICC), "VR Beautiful China" is China's first overseas promotion program using VR in cultural communication. CICC has developed a standardized display system offline, and will work with the Centre of International Cultural Exchange (CICE) and Overseas China Cultural Centers, to introduce more Chinese tourist attractions, history and culture to the world so as to enable people worldwide to access and feel China from their homes.

Source: China Intercontinental Communication Center