2020 International Cultural Tourism Summit and 13th World Hotel Forum will be held in Haikou, Hainan

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BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A sudden outbreak of "black swan incident" has frozen the progress of the industry, increased the downward pressure of economic growth, and accelerated the reshuffle of the industry. At the same time, with the rapid growth of China's tourism industry in the past 20 years, many deep-seated problems in the industry are hidden under the light of prosperity, which forces us to rethink the nature of the market and commerce. Rescue and cooperation between different industries are becoming the key words of the current big accommodation industry. In the current situation of the epidemic situation has basically improved, it is the responsibility and obligation of the relevant industry personnel to explore the "rescue and carefree" of the cultural and tourism industry.

On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the establishment of "World Hotel Association" (WHA) and "Pan tourism cultural system", a series of activities of "International Cultural and Tourism Summit and World Hotel Forum" will be held at Hilton Hotel, Luneng, Haikou from November 18 to 19 this year (report before 15:30 on the 18th). It is specially supported by Haikou Municipal People's government, Hainan Provincial Department of tourism (to be confirmed), radio, television and sports, Ministry of culture and tourism, China Tourism Publishing House, World Hotel Association, international tourism and hotel Federation of the United Nations Department of economic and social affairs. It is supported by Pan tourism culture group, international Research Institute of culture and tourism, Hainan satellite TV, pan travel news agency, Shanghai Pan Travel Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and pan travel (Beijing) International Culture Communication Co., Ltd It is sponsored and undertaken by Haikou Luneng Hilton Hotel and other units, and co sponsored by Haikou Commerce Bureau, Haikou Tourism, culture, radio, television and Sports Bureau, Hainan Tourism Association, Hainan Tourism Hotel Industry Association and DeRUCCI. The theme of this forum is "rescue and carefree - the light of economic revival of the global cultural and tourism industry". It aims to discuss with the counterparts of Cultural Tourism & Hotel & tourism industry the development direction, cross-border playing methods and forward trend of large accommodation industry under the environment of rethinking the nature of market and commerce. This summit and forum will include political businessmen, celebrities in cultural and tourism industry, famous entrepreneurs, etc. The chairman and President of tourism and hotel group, as well as a large number of cultural and tourism complex investors, operators, hotel professional managers, designers, representatives of domestic institutions from a few foreign countries and regions, and media reporters attended the meeting.

At the same time, a more comprehensive and professional "Continental Diamond Award" was launched. Through authoritative expert review and public selection, a list of hotel industry chain with high gold content was gathered. The 12th Continental Diamond Award was presented at the summit and forum to reward outstanding people, design institutions, tourism destinations, hotel groups, hotel and hotel supplies.

The summit and forum will include: opening ceremony and main report meeting, large welcome dinner, Haikou City and Hainan Province cultural and tourism industry publicity and project investment promotion seminar, international cultural and tourism summit, signing and issuing of investment promotion and cooperation, World Hotel Forum, speeches of industry celebrities and dialogues with entrepreneurs, and awarding ceremony of Continental Diamond Award.

So far, guests and representatives from more than ten countries and regions including the United States, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Macao will attend the "2020 International Summit on culture and tourism and the 13th World Hotel Forum". In addition, about 10 provincial and ministerial leaders will attend the "summit and forum" , and more than 300 presidents and presidents of more than 30 international famous enterprises and well-known Chinese enterprise groups have been invited The chairman, secretary general, cultural celebrities, professional managers, experts and scholars of the industry association, as well as investment operators of cultural and tourism industries, began to sign up for the "summit and forum" held at Luneng Hilton Hotel, Haikou, Hainan Province from November 18 to 19. More than 500 guests will gather in this conference to conduct extensive and in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities of the cultural and tourism industry and its future development.

For a long time, the main organizer has been strongly supported and widely participated by the national governments at all levels and the international community, as well as the friendly support and cooperation of more than 20 national and regional tourism ministries (bureaus and bureaus). More than 10 local provincial and municipal people's governments and overseas cities have jointly hosted the World Hotel Forum and the relevant entrepreneurs' summit activities. Since the establishment of "Pan tourism culture group system" and World Hotel Association, through breeding and tempering, their team quality, personality and continuous innovation have created "International Cultural Tourism Summit", "World Hotel Forum", "Continents Diamond Award", "World hotel network", "Pan tourism culture group", "Pan travel news agency", "Culture and tourism magazine", "Culture and Tourism International Summit" "International Institute of culture and tourism" and other influential brands in the culture, tourism and hotel industry have strong traction and driving effect, and have made many positive contributions to the exchange and cooperation of Chinese and Western culture and tourism and the development and progress of Chinese culture, tourism and hotel industry.           

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Source: WHA