41% of Quipper Video Users Passed SBMPTN, Higher than National Average

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The implementation of the National Examination (UN), the National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN), and Group Selection for Entry to State Universities (SBMPTN) has always been a hot issue to discuss due to the low passing rate of this frequently changed module. However, Quipper Video Users, who have been studying by using computer-based and internet-based methods, show an impressive results, with 41% of them passing this high-standard test.

The percentage comparison of Quipperian's SBMPTN graduation rate with national graduation rate
The percentage comparison of Quipperian's SBMPTN graduation rate with national graduation rate

According to the data from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in 2017, there was a fourfold increase in the number of computer-based UN participants (UNBK) with a total of 3.7 million participants. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia, computer-based test participants (CBT) SBMPTN increased tenfold from the prior year.

Of the 797,738 SBMPTN applicants who have joined the test, 148,066 participants have passed as prospective students in 85 state universities. The percentage of national SBMPTN acceptance is 14%, and it is suspected that such a low acceptance rate can be attributed to the fact that many students are still unfamiliar with the SBMPTN Computer Based Test (CBT) system.

Meanwhile, Quipper Video users who have been accustomed to learning by taking advantage of computer-based and internet-based methods show significant results, with 41% of the users pass their SMBPTN examinations. Based on survey data collected between May and June 2017 from 4,200 Quipper Video users, the average amount of learning time during which a Quipperian uses Quipper Video is 3 hours per day.

This was practiced by Angellita Buulolo, a student from SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan, Bekasi, West Java. Angellita said, "I never joined additional tutoring like my friends, I just studied for the UN and SBMPTN with Quipper Video because the videos can be repeated at home and the service is very affordable. I was eventually accepted into UI's Management department without any additional tutoring whatsoever."

Angellita is one of the many students who actively uses Quipper Video and was a respondent in the Quipper Video 2017 graduation survey. From Quipper Video's graduation survey results, 41% of Quipperians passed the SBMPTN examination. Moreover, as many as 37% of Quipper Video users who passed their SBMPTN examination were successfully accepted into Cluster A state universities, which consist of ITB, UGM, UI, IPB, UNBRAW, ITS, UNAIR, UNHAS, UNDIP, UNPAD, Andalas, and UNS. This cluster of state universities is taken from university ranking data released by DIKTI. These universities are always favourites among students and consistently maintain their top positions.

In addition, as many as 87% of them are satisfied with learning the SBMPTN preparation materials available through Quipper Video. According to these students, preparation of material that is complete, interesting and comprehensive influences their achievements. It is proven that the quality of material prepared by Quipper Video has successfully assisted users in passing the National Examination, SNMPTN and SBMPTN, and acceptance into the best state universities in Indonesia.

Such data proves that the use of appropriate technology education services can support student learning activities, assist in exam preparation and also improve overall performance. As such, Indonesian students can develop their potential and have the confidence to compete not only at the national level, but also at the global level.

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