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49th SMART Investment & International Property Expo 2017 continues to make significant contributions to global property market

2017-12-06 16:42
-60 international exhibitors showcased over HK$28.9bn worth of global properties this year

HONG KONG, Dec. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 49th SMART Investment & International Property Expo -- the most comprehensive international property exhibition platform in Asia -- has been hailed as a rousing success by organizers, exhibitors and attendees alike, cementing Hong Kong's status as the region's premier exhibition host for property investments.

Industry professionals who shared the latest market insights and trends were warmly welcomed by visitors at SMART Expo 2017.
Industry professionals who shared the latest market insights and trends were warmly welcomed by visitors at SMART Expo 2017.

Property developers from 15 countries (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Russia and Mongolia) together with local exhibitors converged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 25 - 26 to showcase more than HK$28.9 billion worth of properties from around the globe.

More than 2,500 investors were given access to over 60 businesses featuring a variety of investment projects ranging from apartments, houses, opulent homes, buy-to-let, care home units to land investments. The Expo, with its diversified investment opportunities, also delivered 22 in-depth seminars led by financial heavyweights and real estate experts. Prominent industry professionals shared their insights into local and overseas property markets, stock market trends, together with investment strategies for 2018 to help investors get to grips with the global property and investment market.

Ms. Kerry Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China Region, REA Group said, "Research findings from the latest Hong Kong Property Market Perspective Survey for 2017 by, showed 40% of people who intended to make property investments wanted to do so overseas. They were also more likely to invest their capital into Asian and Southeast Asian markets. Of the 15 participating countries, approximately half were from Asian and Southeast Asian nations, catering to the needs of Hong Kong investors." 

World Class Developers, Savvy Investors, Diversified Properties and Market Insights

With an alarming number of Hong Kong investors expressing their dissatisfaction with the Government's efforts to curb property prices at home, investors are turning to foreign markets to extend and maximize their property investments.[1]

Hong Kong investors have traditionally looked into purchasing their overseas properties in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, but more recently they have been showing interest in diversifying their property investments to other countries. With China's burgeoning 1.4 billion populations on its doorstep, the overseas property market's potential has yet to be fully tapped. The 49th SMART Investment & International Property Expo could not have been better timed for the territory's savvy investors and far-sighted developers looking to tap into the lucrative Asia Pacific market.

Favorable economic conditions, steady increase in GDP, coupled with relatively low living costs, stable currency exchange rates and moderate entry costs into Southeast Asian markets has given property investors a renewed interest in investing in the region. The Philippines has been growing in popularity and Hong Kong investors have embraced its opportunities. Premium property developers such as Alveo Land Corp -- Ayala Land, Cebu Exchange, Megaworld Prime RFO, and Rockwell Land, were at the Expo to introduce some of their prestigious residential and commercial projects located at prime locations. 

Unique properties were also of special interest to Hong Kong property investors. Spain's Norvet Property Development unveiled an exclusive reconstructed listed building rarely found in the market. A beautiful 18th-century restoration modernized with innovative technology, topped off with ingenious interior design was one of the Expo's highlights. 

Meanwhile, as the United Kingdom experiences a significant uptake in quality residential care homes to keep pace with its changing demographic, the exhibitor Knight Wood Assets embraced the booming "silver hair" market by constructing units where couples can enjoy 5-star luxury retirement care. Each unit is valued onwards from HK$700,000 with an assured annual net return of 10%. 

According to the findings of the Hong Kong Property Market Perspective Survey 2017 H2, conducted by, part of the REA Group, the Japanese property market was still highly sought-after by the Hong Kong investors. 29.3% of the respondents considered making investments in Japan with a remarkable 4.3% increase compared to H1, just behind Australia and China. One Japanese exhibitor, Century 21 Culture Center Property, offered luxury apartments in Osaka for around HK$5.5 million, with an expected 5.95% to 6.22% return on investment, proving to be a popular option for investors. 

SMART Expo has received tremendous support from industry professionals and investors and has hosted more than 48 editions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia-Pacific region over the past 13 years. 2,300 exhibitors have congregated at SMART Expo venues to showcase a wide array of properties and investment projects to over 12,900 investors. More than 100 professional and real estate investment experts have also provided investors with market trends and insights. The 49th SMART Expo has evolved and expanded since its first edition to become a key investment platform to tap into emerging opportunities, engage in dialogue and showcase current market properties. The Expo returns from June 2018 with a focus on global property investment trends and developments.

About SMART Expo Ltd

SMART Expo Ltd is the organizer of SMART Investment and International Property Expo. Established in 2004, SMART Expo Ltd is the well-recognized leading organization in Asia Pacific region in this area. With its outstanding reputation in the industry, SMART Expo provides an one-stop information platform for buyers and investors who are interested in the overseas property and stock market. Operated as one of the brands under the REA Group, SMART Expo is determined to offer buyers with the latest market information as well as a wide variety of investment options to meet various market needs.

About REA Group Limited 

REA Group Limited ACN 068 349 066 (ASX:REA) ("REA Group") is a multinational digital advertising business specialising in property. REA Group operates Australia's leading residential and commercial property websites, and, Chinese property site and a number of property portals in Asia via its ownership of iProperty Group. REA Group also has a significant shareholding in US based Move, Inc and PropTiger in India.

Within Hong Kong, REA Group Asia operates, and SMART Expo. The brands aim to provide consumers with extensive local and overseas property news, listings and investment opportunities while offering property and home-related advertisers with a one-stop, multi-platform solution.

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[1] Hong Kong Property Market Perspective Survey 2017 H2

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Source: SMART Expo, the member of REA Group

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