Chengdu's Pinguo Technology: Let Your Photos Tell a Story - The Magnificence of April

CHENGDU, China, Dec. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Time to take a year-end inventory again; and just recently, AppStore announced its 2016 rankings, a high quality mobile photography App called April (produced by Pinguo Technology), that captured the spotlight. In one fell swoop, it ranked on the top 10 annual Apps in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. In addition, April was awarded the Golden Mi Award in China on the Xiao Mi App Store. April, launched only six months ago, was recognized among users across all platforms both domestically and abroad.


Following in the footsteps of Camera360, MIX Filter Pro and other exquisite products by Chengdu's Pinguo Technology; April is a high quality, easy-to-use mobile photography App. Users can use April to re-organize photos using layouts, stickers, filters and other elements; turning even boring, lifeless photos into colorful masterpieces. To use April for editing, all you need to do is simply tap and drag the photo you want to enhance to adjust its image size, change layouts, reverse photos, etc.

Extremely simple design with a superior sense of quality

As soon as you open April, a wave of user friendly elements hits you. What makes it different from other image editing apps of the past, is that April uses vivid, innovative stickers in place of the old, traditional ones. Also, by using a livelier language, along with an easy, transparent, but deeply artistic font, and with other elements, it takes normal photos and instantly gives them vitality and strength. Users can use April's variety of adjustment tools to toggle image ratios to their liking. They can also toggle classic templates or perfect collage template styles, in order to achieve the perfect composition.

Whether we're talking about art or film, anime or rendering; all you need to do is tap on the selected photo in April, and you'll be able to toggle through hundreds of high quality filters. Get the feel for putting together collages, and achieve unimaginable effects using filters. All you need is April to turn those normal photos on your phone into high quality hits.

Team at April strongly believes that what images convey are often an experience that our users have had. Aside from the high quality of the product and technology itself, this is perhaps the most important reason why April has attracted so many users.

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Source: Chengdu’s Pinguo Technology