China's Inspur Announces Its First Generation Open19 Servers for Cloud Datacenters at CeBIT 2017

2017-03-22 17:49 1472

HANNOVER, Germany, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's Inspur recently announced its first generation of Open19 products, which include compute and storage server "Bricks", all based on the next generation Intel® Xeon® processor family (codename Skylake), at CeBIT 2017. 

Open19 is a new initiative that aims to build a standard that works in any EIA 19-inch rack, in order to allow many more suppliers to produce servers that will interoperate and will be interchangeable in any rack environment.

As member of Open19, Inspur is bringing to the Open19 community its design and manufacturing of open hardware experience in connection with all open hardware standards.

Inspur Open19 Bricks

Each 1 Rack Unit  can accommodate 2 Bricks or 1 Double Brick. A Double High Brick takes up 2RU space. Inspur's first generation bricks includes:

  • Brick -- Dual-socket Skylake based Compute Bricks 
  • Double Brick -- Dual-socket Skylake based Storage Server Bricks
  • Double High Brick -- Storage and GPU Bricks

As a total solutions provider, Inspur will also offer its own Open19 compliant rack system that includes Open19 Brick Cages, 12V power shelves with optional BBU, and accessories, providing customers with fully integrated rack level Open19 platforms that are ready to roll into any data center and go.

Zhen Peng, Vice president of Inspur Group, said, "Open19's goal to establish a new open standard for servers based on a common form factor aligns with Inspur's technology vision. Inspur is committed to the open hardware community and has always been dedicated to providing reconstruction solutions for all types of data centers, and helping them to transform their businesses."

About Inspur

Inspur is a leading global IT total solutions and services provider founded in 1945 with approximately 26,300 employees worldwide. Inspur is ranked by Gartner as the Top 5 server manufacturer in the world and No. 1 in China. Inspur provides our global customers with data center servers and storage solutions which are Tier 1 quality and performance, energy efficient, cost effective and built specific to actual workloads and data center environments. Inspur is the majority server vendor for Alibaba and Baidu worldwide datacenters. As a leader in cloud computing and big data solutions, Inspur can provide total solutions at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS level with high-end servers, mass storage systems, cloud operating system and information security technology. For more information, visit

Source: Inspur Group