Cloudbric Announces Partnership with Tsukaeru to Accelerate the Delivery of Web Application Firewall (WAF) to Web Hosting Providers and Infrastructure Providers

Penta Security Systems' cloud-based WAF service, Cloudbric, acquires a major channel partner in Japan to extend its elite website security services to solution providers and end users.
2017-05-09 07:55 2162

TOKYO, May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudbric has expanded its comprehensive security service offerings to Japan in a partnership with Tsukaeru, a major Japanese cloud-computing service and server hosting solutions provider. With Japan ranked second among the top markets for global cloud services, currently there is a rising demand for cloud-based WAF solutions.

Web applications and data are among the most valuable assets to all businesses, and as a result, the rapidly-changing, sophisticated threat landscape of the web is prompting more and more businesses to adopt WAF solutions in Japan. Cloudbric and Tsukaeru will join forces to address the cybersecurity needs in Japan and beyond the APAC region.

While the current cyber security market offers a wide range of solutions and services like WAF, Cloudbric does more than block against the OWASP Top 10 threats. Unlike traditional WAFs, Cloudbric utilizes a logic-based detection engine which is comprised of 26 preset security policies that can intelligently recognize and block both unknown and known web attacks. Furthermore, Cloudbric's easy-to-manage security service equipped with an intuitive dashboard and quality customer service sets it apart from its competitors.

Cloudbric's mission is to introduce a security service that makes it easier for businesses and individuals to protect their websites without compromising productivity. Through this partnership Cloudbric and Tsukaeru will be able to grow their customer base by offering a comprehensive suite of security services to a diverse range of providers in the IT field including web hosting providers, infrastructure providers, and other cloud or on-premise solution providers through flexible partnership opportunities and customized plans.

"We are excited to offer Tsukaeru Waffle powered by Cloudbric with its proven record in intrusion detection technology, into the Japanese and greater Asian market. Tsukaeru takes pride in its ability to provide superior, cost-effective services, and we expect the service to be greatly accepted by our customers and partners," said Jason Frisch, President & CEO of Tsukaeru.

"To holistically address the emerging threats in IT, implementing a precise and trusted WAF is a must. We partnered with Tsukaeru because they share our commitment in providing a level of website and data security that is advanced, yet readily available to the masses. Businesses are recognizing the need for security, and we are excited to play an important role in delivering a much-needed web security solution with our partners. As a growing global service, we hope this partnership sets the standards for service providers," said TJ Jung, VP of Product & Technology for Cloudbric.

About Cloudbric

Cloudbric is a cloud-based web security service, offering an award-winning WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL, all in a full-service package. Utilizing Penta Security Systems' patented Logic Analysis Engine to filter malicious website traffic with proven precision, Cloudbric delivers lower false positives than any industry competitor. Visit for more information and send direct partnership inquiries to

About Tsukaeru
Since starting their cloud infrastructure business in 1999, Tsukaeru has constantly strived to provide their customers with high-performance and flexible services, unparalleled in the Japanese market. They have continued to grow in a competitive business environment by focusing on both infrastructure and business services. As suggested by their name, Tsukaeru seeks to continue providing services that are more user-friendly (Tsukaeru, in Japanese) for their customers in the future. Visit for more details.

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