Comba Telecom Scores Victory against Commscope in Antenna Technology Patent Infringement Dispute

Judge Rejects Lawsuit by Commscope Subsidiary Andrew
Court-Appointed Expert Concludes Comba Telecom's Antenna Technology Differs from Andrew Patent
2016-04-28 17:00 3049

HONG KONG, April 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited ("Comba Telecom" or "the Group", Hong Kong stock code: 2342), a global leading wireless solutions provider, has announced the results of litigation brought against it by Commscope Holding Company Inc. ("Commscope") and its subsidiary Andrew LLC ("Andrew") in Brazil. The courts have ruled in favor of Comba Telecom and rejected the RET ("Remote Electrical Tilt") antenna technology patent infringement lawsuit.

In this civil case, the court-appointed technical expert examined both Andrew's Brazilian patents and Comba Telecom's antennas and concluded that the technologies used in the antennas are markedly different from those claimed in those patents. The 8th Trial Court of the State Court of Sao Paulo also stressed the findings of an invalidity lawsuit filed by Comba Telecom before the Federal Courts in Rio de Janeiro, in which Andrew's patents were declared to be null and void for multiple and independent reasons. Based on this evidence, the court subsequently ruled for the rejection of the lawsuit because it had no legal basis.

Mr. Simon Yeung, President of Comba Telecom Systems International Limited said, "We are pleased with the ruling of the Brazilian courts. This is a vindication of the company's stance on intellectual property rights, and we will vigorously defend ourselves from any spurious legal proceedings brought against the Group now and in the future.

We are a firm supporter of fair competition and the company has taken numerous steps to address this issue; these steps includes the successful application for the cancellation of certain Commscope/Andrew patents in Brazil and China, and other similar ongoing cases in the US and China. In fact, Andrew's RET patents have already been revoked by the European Patent Office upon application by other antenna vendors."

Mr. Yeung concluded, "We have invested considerable resources in R&D to develop and deliver the best and most efficient technologies for our customers and hold hundreds of patents around the world. Operating on these principles has enabled Comba Telecom to become one of the world's top-tier vendor of base station antennas and wireless solutions, and this latest win will encourage us to continue innovating and leading the field on a global basis."

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