Commemorating National Education Day, Quipper Committed to Improve Technology Education Equality

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Preparing young generations for the future has never been more challenging due to globalization and digital advancement of the 21st century. And yet, Indonesia is struggling with education gaps and lack of teacher competence. Utilizing technology is believed to be the best way out of this, as was discussed at the Education National Day, Momentum for Technology Education Equality event held in Jakarta on Friday, April 28th, by UK founded education technology company Quipper.

From left to right: Itje Chodidjah (Education Expert), Maudy Ayunda (Brand Ambassador Quipper Indonesia), Tri Nuraini (PR & Marketing Manager Quipper Indonesia), Sutrianto (Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia)
From left to right: Itje Chodidjah (Education Expert), Maudy Ayunda (Brand Ambassador Quipper Indonesia), Tri Nuraini (PR & Marketing Manager Quipper Indonesia), Sutrianto (Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia)

According to the Ministry of Education, school participation rate in Indonesia has greatly improved in recent decades. In 2000, both primary and junior secondary schools have reached 100%. This year they aim even higher to achieve 111.4% and 105.3% respectively. However, unfortunately, we have not been able to see the same rate of improvement in education quality and teacher competence.

To resolve this, the government continues to work on quality education and justice. One of their efforts is the improvement of infrastructure and the use of information technology, especially for students who are in less developed areas, referred to as 3T (terdepan, terluar, tertinggal) regions.

The reforms are being carried out in accordance with the National Priorities of Kemendikbud through 2015-2019, such as the strengthening of vocational schools, educational facilities, and infrastructure, ensuring teacher qualifications and welfare, quality improvement and character education, and the Smart Indonesia Program.

In alignment with the government's policy and development strategy, Quipper is committed to pursue its mission of becoming the "Distributors of Wisdom" by contributing to minimize educational disparities in various area in the world, including Indonesia, with digital-based learning. Its e-learning platforms, Quipper School, a free service for all users, and Quipper Video, a premium add-on service, allow students and teachers to access quality education anytime and anywhere, in the fun way using digital devices.

Since entering the Indonesian market in 2015, Quipper has helped the learning process of more than 2.5 million students - 50,000 of whom are Quipper Video users, trained 200,000 teachers, and reached out to 5,000 schools across the country. In 2016, 58% of its users passed the UN, and 50% among them succeeded in the SBMPTN and were accepted to the best state universities in Indonesia. In carrying out its mission, Quipper has received support from 45 provincial and district level education offices.

"We are committed to maintain the quality of our platforms, be it content, tutor or the technology we use. Because these three things are what's most needed by our teachers and students," says Tri Nuraini, PR & Marketing Manager of Quipper Indonesia. Tri added that Quipper has also helped students to prepare or the UNBK by giving free online tryouts to 70,000 students.

Education expert Itje Chodidjah appreciates the initiatives Quipper takes, as she believes the use of technology is the most sensible solution for the educational challenges faced today. Technology not only opens doors to education for students, but also improves the quality of teachers. "Skilled teachers are those who are equipped with appropriate and up-to-date teaching materials," she explains. Itje also noted that technology can help teachers conduct teaching and learning activities more efficiently. Teachers will have more time to improve students' motivations or focus on critical factors to create a competitive generation, rather than worrying about test scores and exam results. "Teachers can return to their role as educators, not just teach," she quoted.

Known actress Maudy Ayunda is also a supporter of Quipper. As Brand Ambassador, she referred to her own experience, "I felt the benefits of technology-based education during my college days at Oxford. My dream is to see all Indonesian children having the opportunity to access quality education without any restrictions."

Nonetheless, there are still many obstacles in minimizing education gaps and improving the quality of education with technology. Being an archipelagic country, Indonesia still faces geographical problems and internet access. To that end, celebrating National Education Day, Quipper invites cross-sector collaboration to realize educational equity in Indonesia.

About Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper, Ltd. is a technology education company founded in the UK in December 2010. With the mission "Distributors of Wisdom", Quipper believes educational inequality in any part of the world can be overcome using the right technology. Thus, Quipper challenges in various countries to realize its vision and mission, currently operating in Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In 2014, Quipper entered the Indonesian market by introducing a free-of-charge platform, Quipper School. This platform is designed specifically for teachers and students to help and improve the quality of teaching and learning. By March 2017, Quipper School has been used by 2.5 million students and 200 thousand teachers throughout the country. In 2015, Quipper launched its premium platform, Quipper Video. The online learning solution for 9th - 12th graders through online tutorial videos has been used by more than 50,000 students.

Quipper has reached 5,000 Indonesian schools and is cooperating with 45 provincial and district education offices, including collaborations with Bantaeng Smart City of South Sulawesi, hearings with the Director General of Teachers and Teachers, the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education, Indonesian Teachers Association, and SEAMOLEC.

As part of the educational ecosystem, Quipper hopes to help improve the quality of education and reduce education disparities in Indonesia through its two flagship platforms.

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