Country Garden Forest City Receives Positive Response at Fortune Global Forum

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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The three-day 2017 Fortune Global Forum came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou on December 8. Chinese property developer Country Garden, a partner of the forum, again gained worldwide attention. The company's residence-industry integration projects including Forest City and its several Techtowns, which had received prominent coverage in the Fortune Global Forum handbook, heightened the visibility of the brand while garnering positive feedback from forum participants.

Country Garden at the Fortune Global Forum
Country Garden at the Fortune Global Forum

Introductory materials and information about Country Garden could be found everywhere at the event including on the LED screens and display boards as well as in the handbooks and leaflets that had been widely distributed. "Country Garden is a strong advocate and supporter of China's new urbanisation process and a creator and operator of green, ecological and smart cities." During the breaks between the sessions, guests picked up and read the handbooks, with many of them expressing interest in the Country Garden story.

Themed "Openness and Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy", this year's Fortune Global Forum focused on key issues in global development. "Country Garden, a Fortune Global 500 company, is representative of openness and innovation." A German guest said that Country Garden's Techtowns, which provide the heavy assets that make it possible for the tech firms that choose to settle there to focus on light assets, is good news for innovative start-ups. Forest City, the Country Garden "city of the future", strategically placed along the One Belt, One Road route, has engaged approx. 200 Chinese companies in cross-border cooperation focused on industrial development, making the city a key contributor to the transformation of China's economy and the higher level of openness and transparency that is part and parcel of that new economy.

Country Garden, a privately-held company that is representative of the new generation of Chinese firms, owns more than 1,000 projects in over 600 cities and towns, and is aggressively promoting its residence-industry integration strategy by developing a city that starts with the industries that will be located there, then adding the properties that will serve those industries. In addition to a series of Techtowns built in China, the company has also developed Forest City, a vertically green and three-dimensional residential project aimed at promoting cross-border cooperation focused on industrial development, in Malaysia's Iskandar Development Region adjacent to Singapore. In 2017, Country Garden continued its trajectory characterised by rapid growth, with the company achieving contracted sales of 534.27 billion yuan in the first eleven months of this year and being ranked among Forbes Global 300 Public Companies and Brand Finance Global 200 Brands.

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