Coupons Available for Chinese Visitors to Fukuoka during Chinese New Year: Enjoy Shopping/Dining in Fukuoka and Get Surprises!

2017-01-19 13:00 2647

FUKUOKA, Japan, Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AppAgent is glad to announce that shopping/dining coupons will be available to Chinese visitors to Fukuoka during the Chinese New Year starting on January 28. Under the "Fukuoka Coupon Chinese New Year Campaign 2017," coupons will be ready for everyone coming from the Greater China sphere during the Chinese Spring Festival. Shops and restaurants in Fukuoka will prepare various reasonable offers and wait for you to visit them.

We will distribute coupon information in Fukuoka via our official WeChat account. The coupons can be used everywhere in Fukuoka city, and you can find your favorite coupons by area and by category with ease.


For travelers from China or other parts of the Greater China area, it is very popular to do shopping in Japan, and touring regional cities is getting popular of late. Especially we recommend sightseeing and shopping on a visit to Fukuoka, which is the biggest city in the Kyushu region and Japan's gateway to Asia.

Fukuoka has a lot of attractive places, good restaurants, famous museums, etc. They include a big shopping center called "Canal City Hakata," aquarium "Marine World Sea Midway," the shopping area "Tenjin underground shopping mall" which is located under the gorgeous main street of Tenjin in Hakata, the "Nakasu" area where a lot of stalls stand along the whole street, amusement facility "Marinoa City Fukuoka," and "Fukuoka Tower" which is famous for a beautiful night view. You can also enjoy gourmet, of course, such as "Tonkotsu Ramen" which has a number of fans from even China, "spicy seasoned cod roe (Karashi-mentaiko)," "offal hot pot (Motsu-nabe)," "water-cooked hot pot (Mizutaki)," etc., to cite just a few.

Fukuoka coupon official account: WeChat; ID: Fukuoka-coupon

How to register:

Scan the QR code below and register with the official Fukuoka coupon account, then select any coupon you want and use it as you like!

In using the QR code, please register with the Fukuoka coupon official account by all means.

The QR code is as follows.

(QR code:

Period covered: January 21 (Sat) to February 3 (Fri)

How to use:

  • You can use it by presenting a coupon screen on your mobile phone to the staff of a store where you want to get discount offers.
  • Open the map on the coupon screen and search how you can get there.

All Fukuoka citizens are enthusiastically welcoming people coming from the Greater China region on New Year trips. Please come and visit our dearest city Fukuoka, and enjoy shopping and dining!


Source: AppAgent LLC.