DCA (Data-Centric Alliance) is Launching an International Version of the Exebid.DCA Programmatic Platform

DCA (Data-Centric Alliance)
2016-07-13 11:30 2420

MOSCOW, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

DCA (Data-Centric Alliance) - a Russian company that specializes in ad technologies based on audience data - announces new capabilities for the engine of the Exebid.DCA, a programmatic demand side platform (DSP). The new version of the platform supports the purchase of audiences in the Americas, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and China. 

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With more than 75 international supply side platforms (SSP) and data centers in Europe, the USA and Singapore, the Exebid.DCA is able to launch brand advertising campaigns in almost any market. Multiple audience targetings make these campaigns more efficient and ensure that the brand is communicating just with its target audience.

For an advertiser, this updated interface turns into a one-stop entry point to purchase any kind of traffic anywhere in the world. Exebid.DCA supports all popular media formats (banners on PC and mobile devices, video, in-banner video, including Retina screens). Payment can be made in RUR, USD, or EUR; however other currencies may be added upon a few days notice.

The platform supports all basic targetings: 

  • geography (down to city district);
  • operating systems and browsers;
  • days of the week and time with respect to user's time zone;
  • ad viewability;
  • specific media resources (private deals, blacklist/whitelist);
  • connection type (cellular operator/wi-fi), provider;
  • type, make and model of device (for mobile platform and gadgets);
  • interest categories.

Facetz DCA Data Management Platform (DMP) will remain the all-in-one audience data provider - one of the biggest Russian independent controllers of PII-free audience data.

The key innovation of Exebid DCA is that now it focuses on mobile platforms and on the use of mobile data for targeting. Now, advertising campaigns may be tuned more accurately based on mobile IDFA/IFA data - current weather (temperature, precipitation, and UV level), geotargeting with accuracy to 25 meters and targeting at organizations where the user is currently staying, passing by or working (educational, healthcare and cultural institutions and organizations).

The updated predictive analysis tools (predictors) consider the CR and CTR thresholds, thus meeting ad campaign efficiency targets.

The antifraud system was optimized too, since about half of the world traffic is known to be created by so-called bots, artificial web users and one third of the world traffic is generated by "fraud bots".

The Exebid DCA solution filters out suspicious "visitors" by their behavior markers; e.g. most bots live less than 24 hours - they do many clicks and refresh pages frequently to get as many banner displays as possible. The ad automatically stops displaying to users with such markers, and the ad sources get banned.

In addition, the system analyzes data on what visitors did before and detects users with abnormal behaviour.

These controls almost eliminate 'bot' traffic.

After launch, the new platform became the main one for some ad campaigns of DCA clients. This fall, a launch of a fully-featured self-service interface is expected, so that advertising agencies and brands will be able to develop their own programmatic expertise.

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Source: DCA (Data-Centric Alliance)