E-Store Home World Premiere - ET Solar Launches the Residential Energy Storage

2017-10-17 14:19 621

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- From October 11 to October 12, during ALL ENERGY 2017 Exhibition in Australia, ET Solar, as a global well-known photovoltaic module manufacturer, showed three Australian boutique modules sold successfully including a ET-M672360WW, and launched the first residential photovoltaic energy storage product E-Store Home, creating the "PV+ energy storage" integrated system, and allowed the photovoltaic clean energy to be used in ordinary family homes.

The "PV+ energy storage" is the future development direction, and the Government of Australia not only recognizes the economy, but also accelerates boosting it firstly in the public utility enterprises of the rural area and remote area of Australia. E-Store Home residential energy storage issued by ET Solar for the first time worldwide during ALL ENERGY 2017 Exhibition aroused the widely concern and great interest of local industrial experts, clients, dealers, installers and media of Australia, and attracted dozens of partners to discuss cooperation on site.

E-Store Home is characterized by safety, economy, intelligence, beauty and convenience for installation. E-Store Home selects LFP battery, DoD performance reaches 90%, the service life is up to 10 years, and the safety of the battery is better than that of Powerwall of Tesla. The dust prevention and water proof design of Ingress Protection 65 can exempt from the safety concern for users. E-store Home can realize 85% self-consumption, reduce the electric quantity purchased by user from power grid, and sharply save the electricity fee cost. Through measurement of laboratory, with energy storage users can save almost 1,000AUD electricity fee each year. E-store Home is also equipped with intelligent cloud monitoring, and the user can easily use the mobile APP to timely track the operation of the whole system at 24h every day, and remotely adjust and optimize all system parameters. The UPS function of E-store Home can supply power intermittently at 24h to the regions where frequent power failure is caused by unstable electricity or harsh environment, in addition of powerful function, the switching time of off-grid and connected grid is less than 20ms, ensuring intermittent and available electricity at any time for the powerful functions, E-Store Home uses the unique modularized and split design, conforms to the modern living aesthetics, and can be combined flexibly to sharply reduce the installation cost. E-Store Home has awarded the certification of international authority TUV/CE/IEC, and provides 10-year battery quality assurance for users.

"Since entering the Australian market, ET Solar has always actively been coped with all challenges brought by change of Australian market and continued to boost innovative products, ET Solar modules  have spread  over South Australia, Gold Coast, Western Australia and other places, and obtained good reputation", Chairman of ET Solar Hao JingXiang expressed, "The boosting of the energy storage product perfects the product system of ET Solar in Australian market, so that our photovoltaic solution owns more competitive advantage. In the future, we will also continue to boost more new products and new technologies to market, rapidly boost the Australian photovoltaic market together with our Australian partners, and bring more clean electricity for industry and household roof of Australia."

Source: ET Solar New Energy Co. Ltd