Facebook F8 Conference Highlight: 360 Security App Shares Monetization Success with Facebook Audience Network

BEIJING, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Following its global success of growing to over 300 million monthly active users within a year, the developer of the free Android app 360 Security was invited to share its monetization success story with the Facebook Audience Network at Facebook's F8 developer conference (F8). Zhou Yahui, Chairman of Beijing KunLun Tech, investor in 360 Security, discussed his views on how to better monetize, and design ads that are accepted by users.

360 Security CEO, Zhou Yahui, with Ashwin Puri
360 Security CEO, Zhou Yahui, with Ashwin Puri

The 360 Security app has the second largest user base among the Facebook Audience Network. It is a free, all-in-one speed booster and antivirus app. Launched in 2014, the app has received praise in many markets and has achieved a 4.6 rating from 10 million Google Play users, with over 400 million downloads.

The app also has great monetization results. The use of Audience Network allowed 360 Security to reach the highest milestones of eCPM among other utility apps in a short time. After one month with Audience Network, its eCPM in US achieved USD$16 and eCPM in India achieved US$4.5. It also reached the impressive milestone of more than USD$300,000/day in less than 4 months.

Zhou Yahui said, "Users are getting tired of mobile ads; they are annoying. We've tried to show the most relevant ads to our users. We think ads should provide value to users, not disturb them."

During a live interview at F8, Zhou talked about his investment in 360 Security and its recent acquisitions of Grindr and collaboration with Opera.

"KunLun aims to build a global open platform to serve Internet user the content they need. Each business unit operates independently and grows its user base. They can become channels for each other and leverage resources. We will continue focusing on technology enhancement and improving mobile users' experience."

Talking about the future, Zhou declared, "We want to become one of the top 30 global tech companies. In the next 5 years, KunLun will have 5 or more mobile applications; each of them will have over 50 Million Daily Active Users." Diversification is the next step for KunLun, with apps for videos, utilities and content providers. The future looks promising for KunLun and 360 Security.

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