G2A Strengthens Security With Front-End Verification Steps - G2A Introduces Verification Process for New Sellers to Sell Products on the Marketplace
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RZESZOW, Poland, LONDON and HONG KONG, July 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- G2A.COM, the world's fastest growing digital gaming marketplace, yesterday announced a set of verification tools to add layers of safety and security to enhance the user experience. Effective immediately, front-end verification for new G2A sellers includes:

  • Social media profile account verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Ability to sell only up to ten (10) products without providing further proof of identification

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G2A's key objective will continue to be strengthening new seller verification with further measures. This includes credit card, PayPal and address (bank statement) verification, all rolling out in the coming months.

This front-end verification process delivers additional confidence for existing users and new users who sign up to be a part of our marketplace.

"G2A has an open door for feedback from the gaming community, developers, publishers and media," said Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO, G2A. "Following the announcement of the G2A Game Developer Support System in June 2016, it became clear that a further added value will be to extend G2A's front-end verification process for new sellers on our marketplace."

As the worldwide growth of gaming continues, heightened security is needed for the more than two billion gamers around the world. The video games industry is set to grow to nearly $100 billion dollars and increasingly, these transactions are digital. G2A consistently implements exemplary security systems to protect more than one million transactions per month. The addition of front-end verification procedures will further strengthen the security of the G2A community and exceed Know Your Customer requirements that are at the heart of G2A compliance policies.

Through the implementation of the new steps G2A will continue to add further measures that follow the MSO Anti Money Laundering Guideline "Identification and Verification of Originator" (point. 10.6) to fight against fraud perpetrated by stolen or mis-used credit cards.

G2A is proud of its collaboration with Developers and Software organizations, with a recent cooperation with MICROSOFT Investigative Analysts a prime example. In June 2016 MICROSOFT approached G2A and supplied over 550 game codes that they believed were purchased on a third party site with stolen credit cards. G2A was able to assist in the identification of the keys and immediately remove them from auction. G2A has offered its full support to MICROSOFT and the authorities with reference to the ongoing case against the seller. G2A stands ready to share our expertise with our partners.

Strong support for G2A came after they announced the Game Developer initiatives and additional front-end security verification.

  • Sergey Sholom, CEO of Datcroft Games, said: "G2A's ability to move forward and listen to partners has been always amazing, and that's why we are glad to be working with them. As a free to play game developer we are constantly looking for new business opportunities, and that's our common trait. We strongly believe in a bright future for G2A on the international game market and we welcome this new G2A Game Developer Support System and additional security."
  • Robert Siejka, CEO of the Farm 51, added his support: "We've worked with G2A over a period of four months and in that time our game, Chernobyl VR Project was successfully promoted and marketed. Together with the G2A Game Developer Support System these security verifications will bring significant change for small developers and I'm sure that others will more willingly co-operate with G2A."
  • Lukasz Hacura, CEO of Anshar Studios, said: "We've worked with G2A for over a year now and this cooperation gave us ways of promoting and selling our game otherwise unreachable for us. I think that the G2A Game Developer Support System, including new verifications, will bring a significant change for small developers and I'm sure that in time others will more willingly co-operate with G2A like we do."
  • Hristo Tenchev, CEO of XS Software, added: "We've been working with G2A for years and have always been happy with our relationship. I think G2A has a positive attitude towards indie developers and is trying to support & help them in various ways. Fraud is a problem for all gaming companies, relying on digital sales - I hope this misunderstanding will be cleared soon."

Bartosz Skwarczek concluded: "G2A constantly improves the user experience on the marketplace in order to be as open, transparent and as safe as possible. We are happy that the gaming community gave us their feedback with regards to improving the G2A marketplace. We listen and react fast because nothing is more important to us than ensuring the security of our users."

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