GAC Motor Joins Hands with Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve and World Wildlife Fund Protecting China's Most Important Freshwater Source

BEIJING, Nov. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC Motor, Chinese leading auto manufacture, signed memorandum of cooperation with Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve (SNNR) administration and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on a three-year project, taking a leading role in China's first national park conservation plan at the "Born in Sanjiangyuan" national park initiative press conference on November 2 in Beijing, China.

A group photo of guests at the press conference of GAC Motor signing memorandum of cooperation with Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve and World Wildlife Fund
A group photo of guests at the press conference of GAC Motor signing memorandum of cooperation with Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve and World Wildlife Fund

The SNNR in Qinghai Province is China's most important freshwater source as it contains the headwaters of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Mekong River, hence the name Sanjiangyuan, which translates into "headwaters of three rivers." It is also one of China's priority areas in biodiversity conservation and home to large varieties of wildlife as a gene bank of rare plateau species.

In the memorandum of cooperation, GAC Motor will first provide two GS8 and three GS5 Super vehicles for the natural reserve's daily operations and routine patrols, followed by a series of in-depth strategic collaborations in Sanjiangyuan freshwater lakes' protection and demonstration, institutional improvement, social participation innovation and public awareness and education, offering all-around support to the conservation plan of the wetland reserve.

GAC Motor's GS8 and GS5 Super have been tested to deliver optimal performance under all circumstances, including on ice fields and rough terrain, making them ideal for operation in SNNR in the Tibetan Plateau with 4,000 meters in average altitude.

"From the mid-20th Century, the SNNR is under growing ecological crisis due to global warming and dense human activities, as a company that places environmental protection and sustainable technology a top priority, it's our duty to give back to the nature and society the best way we can," said Jun Yu, General Manager of GAC Motor.

GAC Motor's bestselling GS4 was the first SUV vehicle model to receive the gold medal in C-EACP (China Eco-Car Assessment Program) assessment. The company's wide range of products adopting eco-friendly technologies not only promise lower fuel consumption and emission, but also green and comfortable driving environment.

GAC Motor's factories are also equipped with the advanced fully enclosed production line with noise and dust reduction while promising to use 100 percent water-soluble, environmental friendly coating and eliminate harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollution.

The partnership marks another step that shows GAC Motor's dedication to public welfare projects since the company was founded and in a wide range of programs in environmental protection, education, safe travel and charity.

"Our partnership with SNNR and WWF highlights GAC Motor's sense of mission and sense of responsibility to better serve communities and the country. We also wish to set an example for other companies on what should be done to protect the environment and encourage more to join the national park conservation plans on the path of achieving harmonious development between people and the nature in the Sanjiangyuan region," Yu said.

Upholding the philosophy of producing cars in eco-friendly ways while actively fulfilling social responsibilities, GAC Motor's past public welfare projects include the afforestation project in Longchuan County, Guangdong Province, planting a water conservation forest that greatly improves the soil and water conservation in the Dongjiang River region.

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