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GEIO, A FPS Battle Bot With Visual Recognition, Is Now Raising Fund On KICKSTARTER

2017-12-05 07:30

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GEIO is a new fighting robot launched by the GJS CO., Ltd., a technology company creative GANKER last year. GEIO is now raising fund on the crowdfunding website KICKSTARTER. The crowdfunding amount has approximately doubled the original goal, which reaches 800,0000 yen by now and still maintains a rapid growth.

The reason for its successful might be that GEIO is the world first battle robot with FPV and AI system. It can recognize and target its enemy automatically.

Besides, GEIO is engineered to present the most indulging robotic battle experience to users, equipped with First Person Vision (FPV) and Visual Recognition system. The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

FPS robot battling is the latest thing that lets the childhood dream come true and become a superhero in real life. Once the battle begins, the audience can feel like a warrior without leaving armchair. GEIO links the real and virtual life, providing consumers with an incredible fun experience.

As expected, GEIO has attracted attentions from a large number of media. For instance, GIGAZINE, Livedoor, Forbes, DIGITAL TRENDS,, Geeky Gadgets, Robotic Gizmos, cnet, Product Hunt, 9To5 Toys all reported GEIO with enthusiasm and amazed at this robot. GEIO has gained recognition.

There is only one week left for the crowdfunding. GJS company is planning to produce the GEIO soon, which will be delivered in February 2018.

For more information about GEIO, found out at KICKSTARTER
The review of GIGAZINE is also available at

Source: GJS CO., Ltd.

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