Guian New Area Promoting High-End Service Industry with Preferential Strategy Supports

Guian New Area
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GUIYANG, China, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its key growth strategy, Guian New Area, a national-level economic zone in China's southwest Guizhou province, will actively develop high-tech-embedded basic industry in 2017 by offering incentive policies to expedite the setup of an innovation platform.

First CRH (China Railway High-Speed) Train Enters Guian
First CRH (China Railway High-Speed) Train Enters Guian

Traditional industries such as machinery, pharmaceuticals and electric equipment will benefit from Guian's latest growth strategy as well as efforts to help those industries upgrade their technology and ascend the value chain.

HXT Semiconductor Technology Co. realized a partnership between the Guizhou government and U.S. chip giant Qualcomm. Tasked with developing reliable and controllable server chips with Chinese intellectual property rights, HXT Semiconductor will work on the invention of a 10 nm ARM chip to fill a gap in the semiconductor market.

Zhongde Hiccom Precison Production is a project with high-precision equipment, advanced technology and globally-competitive products. Upon completion, the project will have annual production capacity of over 3,000 pieces of numerical control equipment, enhancing the overall processing capacity of computerized numerical control machine tools in Guizhou Province.

The S0020001-4 high precision full-automatic air valve inspection center, developed by Guizhou Dekena Precision Equipment Manufacturing Co., is the first inspection center of its kind independently developed by a Chinese company. By applying Industry 4.0 technology, Dekena has boosted inspection efficiency by 40x.

Guian New Area has rich resources in culture and tourism, and aims to become the "Oriental Switzerland", offering tourists amazingly idyllic views that combine towns and cities harmoniously with hills, lakes, trees and grass.

With the operation of the Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway, the tourism business of Guian New Area is expected to grow rapidly. After Guian's high-speed railway station is put into use in March, 2018, many of the area's attractions, including Yunman Lake International Resorts, Switzerland Town and Wanmu Cherry Garden, will be tourists' first choice during weekends or holidays.

"Guian New Area aims to break new ground in terms of system innovation, and create a model for inland cities and provinces to leapfrog in the basic industry," said Yongzhi Chen, Vice Operation Minister of High-end Manufacturing Park.

Since the setup of the economic zone, agreements have been signed for 17 new pharmaceutical projects, with a total investment value of 28.7 billion CNY (US$4.17 billion), in which 820 million CNY (US$119 million) has already been put to work.


In 2017, Guian New Area will promote high-end service and other industries to pave the ground for further expansion in the years ahead, including three service centers - Guian Duty Free Zone, Huaxi University Town and Seven Star Lake Technology Town - as well as 10 bases that provide feature services such as Virtual Reality (VR), semiconductor, and pharmaceutical in 2018.


Guian New Area is the eighth national-level new area in China, shoulders three major responsibilities - key driver of economic growth in western China, breaking new ground in economic opening, and the benchmark of sound and vibrant eco-system zone. 

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