Huangling Village Earns 'Sino-foreign Most Beautiful Shooting Location' Honors at 74th Venice International Film Festival

HUANGLING, China, Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The idyllic Chinese countryside destination of Huangling, in Wuyuan County, has been named "The Sino-foreign Most Beautiful Shooting Location" at the "Focus on China" forum during the 74th Venice Film Festival. The award celebrates Huangling's efforts to bring its unique local folk tradition, shaiqiu, and a wide range of other local customs to the global stage.

Sino-foreign Most Beautiful Shooting Location at 74th Venice International Film Festival: Huangling Village, China
Sino-foreign Most Beautiful Shooting Location at 74th Venice International Film Festival: Huangling Village, China

"We're honored to win this award," said Wu Xiangyang, CEO of Wuyuan Rural Culture Development Co., Ltd. "It is a validation of all of the hard work that we have done to protect and enhance the beauty of Huangling village. We hope that this recognition will make more people aware of this village and what we have that can offer film production teams and visitors."

Huangling's team used VR technology to display the village's landscape and unique shaiqiu, the stunning view of bamboo baskets filling with colorful produce sun-dried over roofs and in racks against the quaint Hui-style houses dotted across the mountains.

Known as China's most beautiful village, Huangling is committed to developing a production set that integrates natural scenery, history and cultural heritage. Huangling has received over 10 production teams including China's popular TV series Ode to Joy, and has joined hands with the Beijing Film Academy to establish a production base for its students and their affiliate, Youth Film Studio.

"'Focus on China' has helped promote Huangling as a destination to global visitors. We hope that the village's views, which are unmatched anywhere else, can help film and television producers find inspiration of China," said Wu.

About Focus on China

"Focus on China", one of the forums at the 2017 Venice International Film Festival, aims to build a platform for intercultural communication among regions along the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as strengthen Sino-Italian ties and promote cultural exchanges between China and Europe via entertainment productions. 

About Huangling

Located in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, China, Huangling attracts visitors from all over the world. The quaint and elegant village has preserved and maintained its ancient Hui-style architecture and offers an authentic Chinese countryside travel experience. Praised as the most beautiful countryside in China, the unique view of shaiqiu can only be found in Huangling, where baskets of colorful harvest bask in the sunshine.

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Source: Wuyuan Rural Culture Development Co., Ltd.