Huawei Assists Haarlemmermeer Municipal Government in Building Service-Oriented Government Campus Network

2016-03-17 18:32 1854

HANOVER, Germany, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei and the Haarlemmermeer Municipal Government announced the successful practice of Europe's first large-scale government campus network with wired and wireless convergence at CeBIT 2016 on March 15.

To rapidly adapt to advancements in mobility, cloud computing, and social media, the Haarlemmermeer Municipal Government aimed to improve employees' work efficiency and public service level through a network upgrade. In 2015, Huawei helped the government deploy a government campus network across one office building and four branch offices, addressing complicated mobile service management, security risks, and difficult O&M issues. "In Haarlemmermeer City, the proportion of the number of civil servants to the total number of citizens is merely 1:160. We are facing challenges such as how to improve public service efficiency and quality, enhance office collaboration capability, and improve the administrative service window experience using IT systems," said Ed de Myttenaere, CIO, Municipal Government of Haarlemmermeer. "Huawei has helped us quickly deploy services, implement mobile office and government IT application, and build a highly efficient, collaborative, and service-oriented network."

"In the age of government IT construction, governments need networks that provide consistent experiences, convenience, and non-stop service forwarding, which poses high requirements on user management, network security, and O&M," said Dong Wu, VP, Huawei Global Networking MKT & Solution Sales, Enterprise Business Group. "Huawei provides an effective solution for customers to address these problems. Huawei's Agile Government Campus Network Solution has been successfully deployed by the Haarlemmermeer Municipal Government. With this partnership, Huawei now has a deeper understanding of services in the government sector, and will continue adapting its solutions for developing trends in the government IT construction sector."

Huawei's Agile Government Campus Network Solution is now serving more than 10 government agencies around the world, such as China's Beijing Municipal Government, Brazil's Presidential Palace, Russia's Federal Migration Service, the UAE's Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abu Dhabi, and Mexico's Ministry of Communications and Transportation. Benefits of the Agile Government Campus Network Solution include:

  • Convenient services: Policy configuration and management is user-oriented.
  • Highly efficient O&M: The entire government campus network is managed as one device.
  • Security compliance: User identity is authenticated via social platforms.

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