Hyperglance brings together AWS and OpenStack infrastructure into the world's first interactive 3D visibility platform

Hyperglance Ltd.
2016-03-02 21:00 1905

LONDON, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyperglance Ltd. today announces general availability of Hyperglance 4.0 to bring together Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) and OpenStack® cloud infrastructure, including Nagios® alerts, into an interactive, easy to use, 3D topology console within a single browser tab view. Hyperglance 4.0 streamlines the mapping, monitoring, and managing of resources across domains, cloud systems, accounts, virtual private clouds (VPCs) and regions. Hyperglance 4.0 is available at to download as a free 14-day trial.

"Hyperglance provides a valuable tool for AWS and OpenStack users to gain cross-domain infrastructure visibility and implement secure actions with greater context," said Dan Twing, President, COO, and Executive Cloud Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). "The unique, interactive, 3D topology console provides users with faster time to insight and more proactive troubleshooting of relevant cloud resources."

Hyperglance makes it now possible for organizations to achieve such benefits as:

  • Secure, relevant, multi-tenant, multi-cloud topology insight in a single browser tab view.
  • More rapid troubleshooting and optimization with greater context via secure resource controls from topology view.
  • Immediate, accurate validation of proper network segmentation required for security compliance such as required by the PCI Data Security Standard.
  • Greater collaboration across infrastructure domains or IT groups via consistent topology view.
  • Easy identification and reduction of anomalies, performance issues, under utilization, and other problem areas without having to correlate events across different systems, tabular views, or same system modules.

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Rapid cloud adoption is widening the virtualized infrastructure visibility gap
According to Gartner, Infrastructure-as-a-Service is set to take off at 38% growth in 2016, representing the number one public cloud service in 2016.1 Yet at the same time, other predictions say the combination of both private and public clouds, or hybrid clouds, is also rising fast at 27% because CIO's demand the best of both worlds.2 Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has noted that the journey to these highly virtualized hybrid IT environments require tools that pay attention to how cross-domain resources relate to one another. This cross-domain, multi-cloud chaos has created a visibility gap that must be addressed with more cohesive IT relationship insight. "Hyperglance 4.0 brings clarity to the chaos by bringing disparate cloud infrastructure together into a unique visibility layer driven by an interactive 3D topology map that includes relevant data insight and the option to take immediate resource actions where needed," said Stace Hipperson, CEO and Founder, Hyperglance Ltd. "IT management and cloud tenants alike can now intuitively monitor, explore, and securely troubleshoot relevant cloud resources with valuable context through a consistent topology view."

Introducing Hyperglance 4.0
The only interactive 3D cloud topology visualization with context-aware actions
Hyperglance 4.0 represents a new architecture vs. previous releases. Hyperglance 4.0 provides a new plugin-less browser client and other feature enhancements such as the ability to see and interact with all integrated platforms' topologies via a single browser tab view. While the Hyperglance 4.0 architecture is new, Hyperglance Ltd. remains focused on the goal to simplify the mapping, monitoring, and managing of complex, highly virtualized, hybrid IT environments through an interactive visibility layer for greater IT understanding, collaboration, and efficiency.

Hyperglance specializes in API integration, data aggregation, advanced physics, and gaming graphics methods to automatically map IT resource data into a dynamic 3D topology visualization with 360-degree navigation; data and metric insight on-demand; and secure resource actions. Hyperglance requires no client software or IT agents to be installed, nor multiple product modules, for a complete view. Administrators simply enter applicable AWS, OpenStack, and Nagios credentials to realize cohesive cloud visibility and control within minutes.

Hyperglance customers can:

  • Automatically map public and private cloud resource and monitoring alert data across infrastructure domains, cloud systems, cloud accounts, VPCs, and regions.
  • Navigate through an accurate topology of all cloud resources' type, state, links, end-points, and alerts.
  • Explore detailed attribute and metric data, including security groups, route table details and CPU information, on demand with the click of a mouse, or touch of a finger.
  • Search across all integrated platforms with unified results.
  • Utilize the Hyperglance REST API to augment topology and data views with additional source data for customized insight.
  • Take secure, immediate actions, such as start, stop, or terminate an instance, with resource relationships in full view for more efficient troubleshooting or optimization.

Hyperglance innovation will continue with plans to add Integrations with additional platforms such as VMware, Cisco APIC EM, Docker, OpenDaylight, and Microsoft Azure for a true end-to-end view of the entire application flow.

About Hyperglance
Hyperglance Ltd. is a leading-edge software company that is the first to offer comprehensive cross-domain IT relationship visibility with 3D clarity and interactive controls. Hyperglance enhances IT insight, performance, and management efficiency of highly virtualized, hybrid IT deployments including public and private cloud. Hyperglance is privately owned and headquartered in London, England. Visit us at, or follow us on Twitter at @hyperglance. For more information, please email

1. "Gartner Says Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market Is Forecast to Reach $204 Billion in 2016",, Jan. 25, 2016.
2. "SPECIAL REPORT: CIOs Say Hybrid Cloud Takes Off",, Oct. 20, 2015.

Source: Hyperglance Ltd.