Infinitus Participates in the Summit Forum on Health Industry Opportunities Held in Hong Kong

Contributing to "Healthy China" with the Philosophy of "Preventive Treatment"

HONG KONG, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "The focus of medical development has shifted from disease treatment using high technology to ailment prevention based on maintaining and improving health. This shift reflects the concept of 'preventative treatment' in Traditional Chinese Medicine," explained Mr. Huang Jianlong, Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., during his talk at the Summit Forum on the Health Industry Opportunities under the Healthy China Strategy and the One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR) held in Hong Kong on December 18.

Mr. Huang Jianlong shares the Infinitus Solution on the forum
Mr. Huang Jianlong shares the Infinitus Solution on the forum

Jointly held by the China Health Care Association and Zijing Magazine, the forum commemorates the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover while making full use of Hong Kong's ideal geopolitical location to introduce the strategic concept of "Healthy China" to the world. To support OBOR, the forum also aims to promote health industry cooperation and discussion between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as other Southeast Asian countries. Representatives from the Hong Kong government, the China Health Care Association, and key industry figures participated in this forum.

Infinitus Participates in the Summit Forum of Health Industry Held in Hong Kong
Infinitus Participates in the Summit Forum of Health Industry Held in Hong Kong

"China's health service industry currently accounts for approximately 5% of its GDP, while the industry in the US has accounted for 17.6% of its GDP in 2009," said Mr. Huang Jianlong. In terms of the development of the international TCM market, he outlined, "The annual global TCM market value is about 80 billion USD, of which China only has 10% of the market share, while Japan and Korea account for more than 70%."

To respond to the weak development of China's healthcare industry and to embrace the growing TCM market around the world, Mr. Huang Jianlong proposed the "Infinitus Solution", which includes genuine raw materials and innovative technology.

Infinitus promotes the "Infinitus Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting Management Model" in order to standardize site selection, planting, fertilizer application, pesticide use, harvesting, and processing of all aspects at their root. This mode not only ensures the quality of its Chinese herbal products, but also generates economic and ecological benefits.

Meanwhile, Infinitus invests over 100 million RMB into the research and development of products and technology annually to meet with the rising public demand for high-quality healthcare products. It has also established research links with famous international universities, including Cambridge, Stanford, the French Academy of Sciences, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. To date, Infinitus has applied for more than 700 patents in China and overseas and has proprietary technologies on Chinese herbal polysaccharides and schizandrin B. Its herbal healthcare products have been well received and trusted by consumers.

In recognition of its outstanding health contributions in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, Infinitus was named a "Successful Healthy China Enterprise" and a "Promoted Brand for Healthy China & One Belt One Road" on the forum.

For the past 25 years since its incorporation, Infinitus has been promoting the globalization and modernization of TCM. Infinitus has been attending the annual International Conference for the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) since 2009 to promote healthy regimen culture and the concept of preventative treatment on the international platform. In 2010, Infinitus began organizing the annual "Walking Day" events with the aim of helping the public to manage their health and develop the habit of Daily Walk for 10,000 Steps. To date, 950,000 citizens have participated in the event, walking more than 5,280,000km.

"China is faced with a rapidly aging population and insufficient health care resources," Mr. Huang Jianlong said. "As a member of the health industry, Infinitus should improve the manufacturing and service of Chinese herbal health products and meet social needs in terms of preventative treatment. Meanwhile, under these new policies for TCM announced by the Chinese government, we should go abroad and strengthen our cooperation with foreign countries along the One Belt One Road so that more people can benefit from high-quality Chinese herbal health products."

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Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.