JC Group Holdings wins Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2016 Award in Recognition of its Efforts at Boosting Future Economic Growth

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HONG KONG, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- JC Group Holdings, a subsidiary of JC Group, topped a large number of Hong Kong-listed competitors to win the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2016 award at the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises Parade 2016 Dinner held by Economic Digest, a leading financial magazine in Hong Kong, on November 1. The award served as a testament to JC Group's strengths and to the high level of recognition by international capital markets and the economic community in Hong Kong.

"JC Group is a modern financial service group committed to the integrated urban development. Its subsidiary JC Group Holdings leverages its own resources and strategic platform to help JC Group further its strategy of servicing new urbanization development worldwide and drive economic growth in Hong Kong and the wider world," said Wei Jie, chairman of JC Group and JC Group Holdings, at the award ceremony.   

President of the JC Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of JC Group Holdings, Mr. Wei Jie at the award ceremony
President of the JC Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of JC Group Holdings, Mr. Wei Jie at the award ceremony

Established over 30 years ago, Economic Digest is an iconic and authoritative financial magazine in Hong Kong. Since 2004, Economic Digest has been hosting the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises Parade, an annual event.

This year, 22 listed companies won the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2016 award. In addition to JC Group Holdings, the lineup of winners also included New World Development, MTR Corporation and The Bank of East Asia. Among the winners, JC Group Holdings was highlighted as one of the fastest growing and most promising.

On May 12, 2016, Mr. Wei struck the gong at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and announced the firm's entry into international capital markets by starting to trade publicly in Hong Kong. 

When asked by journalists who attended the event why the company chose to list in Hong Kong, Mr. Wei commented, "Hong Kong is an international metropolis with well-developed capital and stock markets. I look forward to demonstrating our commitment to openness and transparency through the open and transparent market in Hong Kong."

JC Group expects to attract more attention with the listing of JC Group Holdings. While furthering its pace in globalization, JC Group plans to continue its in-depth exploration of the regional markets. The focus on regional markets, a distinction that is noted when the group is compared to its peers, plays a key role in its development in diversified market segments. As JC Group builds out and expands its presence in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and beyond to other countries or regions, the group will continue to combine the advantages it has derived as a result of the regional specialization. The approach is expected to support the group's development strategy of making use of advanced technologies and management principles that have been brought in from abroad while sticking to its Chinese traditional values.

In addition to improving the firm's industrial chain by capitalizing on its unique regional resources, JC Group is also boosting exchanges between Chinese industries and Asian markets. JC Group expects to gain access to high-quality resources worldwide, by leveraging the Asian market as a platform for better servicing progress in new urbanization all over the world.

"JC Group has made great strides in the growth of its global businesses. Today, we are well positioned to bring on board advanced technologies in addition to highly capable talents and adopt the most effective management styles from across the world, including Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan," said Mr. Wei in a recent speech made at Tongji University. He added that JC Group aims to drive overall economic growth and respond to challenges facing the current world economy by promoting new urbanization development.

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