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JN Medsys introduces new generation digital PCR system with greater sensitivity and the highest detection throughput

2017-12-01 08:00

SINGAPORE, Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- JN Medsys, a life science company behind the high-throughput chip-based Clarity™ digital PCR system, today announced the launch of a new generation digital PCR system featuring more than 40,000 partitions and 4- to 6- colour detection channels.

Targeting users that demand greater performance, the new system offers better specifications over the Clarity™ system, which is the first digital PCR product commercialised by the company. The new system, named Clarity™ Plus+, features improved consumables that provides at least 4 times more partitions than the Clarity™. It uses ultra-high density chips that can consistently generate more than 40,000 partitions per reaction, to provide greater dynamic range and better accuracy in digital PCR analysis. The increase in partitions is designed around the same footprint, meaning that the new tube-strips still fit conventional thermal cyclers to allow up to 96 reactions per run as before. The new system also retains many features of Clarity™ which minimizes the risk of contamination, dead volume and significant sample loss that may be seen in other systems.

The new system also comes with a more powerful Reader equipped with a 4- to 6-colour detection system to increase detection throughput in digital PCR. With multiplexed detection of 4-6 targets per reaction and with up to 96 reactions per run, the system can now detect up to 384 or 576 different targets per run. The new system pushes the limits of digital PCR analysis by providing better dynamic range and accuracy, and possibly the highest detection throughput.

"To tackle increasingly demanding applications such as in liquid biopsy, more powerful digital PCR systems capable of better performances are required," says Dr Johnson Ng, founder and CEO of JN Medsys. "The increased partition number allows users to analyse samples over a wider dynamic range of concentrations. Rare mutations or low abundance targets can also be detected with greater sensitivity by reducing competition from different primer and probe sets in multiplex assays. In addition, the new system will have detection throughput comparable to most qPCR systems. We are truly excited by the possibilities provided by this new system," Dr Ng added.

JN Medsys will unveil Clarity™ Plus+ at the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress to be held from December 4-5 in London, UK.

The new system will be made available to early users in the second quarter of 2018.

Media Contact:

Erin Zhang
+65 6273 7647

Source: JN Medsys

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