Japanese Company Fidel Technologies KK Acquires Tech Start-up LinguaNext to Expand its Multilingual Services & Solutions Portfolio

'LinguaSol', the New Entity Will Offer Managed Language Services Across Asia
2016-11-30 14:24 2891

PUNE, India, Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LinguaSol will offer its US Patented technology & Fidel's translation services together to linguify (translate) web & mobile applications, web portals, websites and enterprise products. This unique technology translates websites or mobile apps without changes to underlying application. Automation & AI allows faster integration & delivery of the Linguify middleware solution with mobile applications or websites.

'LinguaSol' plans to introduce software as a service (SaaS) model besides the traditional license model whereby customers will pay as they use, resulting in a cost-effective way to localize and go to market. With this new pricing model, it will be further easy for FMCG, E-commerce, SMEs and start-up companies to localize websites & applications into local languages to reach new customers. LinguaSol will take complete ownership, management & maintenance of website translation.

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni (Director & CEO) of LinguaSol states that globally consumers prefer to transact in their local languages. We see the new Indian consumer demanding the same and fortunately, technology allows us to do so now at a much faster rate & at a reasonable cost. In the recent case of de-monetization, even in rural India, there is a push to adapt to digital wallets. These solutions will get adapted faster provided these are offered in regional languages by translating not just the menu but the catalogue & the contents.

Further with this new managed services model, we want our customers to have a seamless one-window experience & linguify their business in a shortest possible time of 2 -4 weeks.

We support the 'Make in India' & the financial inclusion initiative by making the technology-based solutions available in local languages by approaching government agencies and work closely with them.

Localization is a 36 billion $ industry globally and companies want to go global. At the same time, traditional methodologies, increase the cost as well as time to deliver and make it difficult for enterprises to embrace localization. Typical pure-play translation companies cannot address the need of a dynamic data website or mobile application. This merger of solutions and services will benefit global customers as they have access to this unique solution and the services together.

LinguaNext was founded by Mr. Rajeevlochan Phadke in 2010. Its technology has been proven with successful implementations in nationalised banks, My LPG gas portal, oil & gas PSUs. Rajeevlochan will continue leading technology development in LinguaSol.

About Fidel Technologies: 

Fidel Technologies KK is a Japanese firm (since 2001) & works with global clients in the areas of FinTech, IoT & Localization. It has a portfolio of products & services. Fidel is in the localization services since 2008 and works with clients including successful top social media brands as well as product companies like IBM, Panasonic, Xiomi, SAP, Pearson to name a few.

Source: LinguaSol
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