KERUI Petroleum Wins a Large Contract of Oil & Gas Stimulation Again in Colombia

2017-12-04 16:19 1067

BOGOTA, Colombia, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- KERUI Petroleum recently won its fifth contract of oil & gas stimulation in 2017, to provide three sets of nitrogen generation equipment and nitrogen stimulation service for J, M and U oilfields of M Company in Boyaca.

"To the following situations, like more frequent steam injection, low pressure and less use of the steam in horizontal wells, KERUI Petroleum takes the advantage of its technology in terms of heavy oil thermal recovery, nitrogen injection and foam profile control technology to provide comprehensive stimulation service for the customers. It is anticipated to improve 15 to 20 percent in production. Meanwhile, all the equipment and services provided in this project are fully compliant with European, American and Colombia related standards, which assist KERUI to stand out from all competitors," said Song Peng, the Project Manager of KERUI.  

"More Efficient in Oil and Gas Extraction" is always the mission of KERUI Petroleum. During the ten years in Colombia, depending on the high-quality equipment of the oil and gas fields, nitrogen injection technology and service, KERUI Petroleum has established a solid reputation in the local oil and gas industry.

Facing future business prospects in the South American market, Song Peng said that KERUI Petroleum has successfully sold foaming agents, steam and water separators, steam injection pipes string and services for horizontal wells, the nitrogen foam profile control and nitrogen injection in Colombia. In the Colombian oil and gas fields, KERUI is well known for its nitrogen stimulation and cost control and the nitrogen process has a wide application prospect in Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago's markets. KERUI is seeking to work with oil companies in South America to develop a more diversified cooperation helping more clients achieve success.

Source: Keruigroup