Kontena Introduces Production-Ready, Open Source Container and Microservices Platform

Version1.0 Brings Advanced Capabilities for Application Deployment and Distribution
2016-12-01 09:00 1509

HELSINKI, Dec. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kontena today is introducing its production-ready container and microservices platform. Kontena v1.0 builds on the company's mission to be the most developer-friendly open-source container and microservices platform that can be used on any infrastructure, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

More than just a container platform, this highly integrated package is:

  • Easy to use: This release includes the addition of Kontena Stacks, an end-to-end solution that allows developers to manage applications that are composed of multiple containers. Stacks enable developers to describe, install and upgrade even the most complex solutions.
  • Advanced: Kontena is a full-stack solution that includes secrets management, fully integrated load balancers, built-in image registry and lifecycle management of complete containerized application stacks.
  • Flexible: Unlike some container platforms, Kontena offers support for both stateless and stateful containers. This allows for almost any type of application to be run.
  • Scalable: With Kontena's built-in provisioning tools, users are able to easily adjust the size of their deployment according to business needs. Start small, grow big and scale down if needed with just a few commands.
  • Versatile: Kontena supports cross-region and hybrid cloud deployments. This means developers can aggregate resources from multiple sources, including their own datacenter or public cloud across regions and availability zones.

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Miska Kaipiainen, chief executive officer and founder, Kontena, said:
"This release is the culmination of nearly two years of hard work, and we could not have gotten here without the tremendous support of our community. We are excited to announce Kontena Stacks, an end-to-end solution for developers to manage applications composed of multiple containers. Kontena is now in use by more than 100 organizations worldwide, who have chosen the platform because it allows them to focus on their own software without configuring and maintaining complicated container frameworks."

About Kontena
Kontena, Inc. is the creator of Kontena, an open source, developer-friendly container and microservices platform. Kontena is built to maximize developer happiness by simplifying running containerized applications on any infrastructure: on-premises, cloud or hybrid. It provides a complete solution for organizations of any size. Founded in March 2015, Kontena was recognized as one of the best new open source projects in the 8th annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards. For more information, visit:

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