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Lecture of "World, I" Delivered by Wei Jie in University of Oxford Oxon

2017-10-18 16:12

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a saying in Britain -- walking through Oxford is like entering history.

This city lying on the Thames valley is famous all over the world for the University of Oxford, which was established in Middle Ages.

As the oldest university of English-speaking countries, the University of Oxford has produced 27 British Prime Ministers, 60 Nobel Price winners and dozens of royal members and political leaders around the World in the past 800 years; there are many famous alumni of the World, such as: the Former President of America – Clinton, the British Physicist -- Stephen Hawking, the British Poet – Wilde and the Former Prime Minister – Cameron etc.

Standing here, it seems that we do not breathe air, but the floating cultural oxygen. This ancient city is always full of youthful vigor because of those young scholars.

On October 20 of the local time, the young scholar – Wei Jie, the chief executive of JC Group, will bring the boom of Chinese civilization in the University of Oxford with the mission and responsibility of five-thousand-year Chinese civilization.

This is the 7th station of Wei Jie's personal global speaking of "World, I". After the lecture in Stanford University and Harvard University, his speaking is always beyond the expectation of universities students; and the ending of the lecture in University of Oxford means his successful speaking close in the Europe and America.

Tracing back to the Tang, Song and Qing Dynasties, people all over the world were proud to learn Chinese, and were proud of expressing and speaking Chinese. However, with the development of industrial revolution, English has become the common language in the world.

In the sight of Wei Jie, the reason of English becoming the world language is the responsibility undertaken. Regardless of the economic policies and objectives, it assisted many countries in becoming countries with colorful material life in those industrial revolutions.

He said that China could have such chance. In the gene of Chinese culture, there was a kind of feeling that "the gentleman takes the World as his duty". But unfortunately, during the development process of thousand years, Chinese people forgot the historical responsibility and mission that should have been undertaken because of their full attention in their own development.

Nowadays, the Chinese nation regains the independence in the world, and the Chinese civilization is the carrier of the mission of the era. We should do something to face this Renaissance.

Many ethnic Chinese with the same attention on Chinese civilization transmission and human development are touched by the global college tour of "World, I" of the pioneer Wei Jie.

His footprint has been spread across five of the world's top universities, five countries and regions as well as six cities. He will go to Taiwan University and Peking University in the near future.

This is an unprecedented journey of thought enlightenment, which will generate inestimable energy.

Source: JC Group

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