Love Matching Principles Applied to Job Search: HR Tech Startup Blonk Wants to Humanize Digital Recruiting and Transform Recruitment Experience Through Intuitive and Motivation Driven App

Blonk app launches in Singapore targeting English-speaking Asia Pacific and international candidates
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SINGAPORE, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Blonk today launches a mobile job matching app to help the right talents and hiring managers find each other directly across geographies with easy swipes. The prevailing recruitment and job search paradigm is flawed. Blonk simplifies and accelerates the talent and job hunt by prioritizing fit and human connections between motivated parties.

The app offers an intuitive mobile experience powered by learning algorithm. Simple, straightforward and mobile, the app matches talents with truly relevant positions and helps companies reach highly relevant candidates at the right moment, wherever they may be. By rethinking the way job seekers and hiring managers find and engage each other, Blonk is transforming the recruiting and mobile job search experience.

"We started Blonk because we felt that deeply the recruiting industry was facing the most important transformation phase of its history. Digitalization has just started to impact the recruitment world and much more remains to happen. Today, despite multiple new tools, HR leaders, hiring managers and candidates feel that hiring processes still remain too long, complex, and often with frustrating outcomes. We want to play an active role in shaping the future recruiting industry," said Vincent Maillard, Co-Founder & CEO.

"The behavior of job seekers evolves with the multiplication and sophistication of sourcing channels. A significant trend is towards discovery versus search, especially amongst the new generation -- Millennials and iGen. Best talents now expect to discover attractive projects and working environments thanks to new digital tools. Blonk is built to meet this new demand. Today, having witnessed the growth of new breed mobile-first apps in California and Paris, we see real opportunities for Blonk to take off in Asia."

Delivering an Emotionally Compelling User Experience

Digital recruiting is the modern way to hire and build relationships with your best talents. Blonk is designed to make each digital interaction count.

Matching expectations is the first objective of the app. Blonk's application process focuses on both candidates' and employers' motivation and generates meaningful connections through a powerful learning algorithm. Only motivated candidates and hiring leaders can match and chat. The instant chat connection is one of the most efficient way to start the relationship anywhere, anytime.

Blonk enables direct match between hiring managers and candidates to validate common interests and fit in the first instance. By offering an intuitive and straightforward digital experience, the app makes it easy for corporate recruiters to involve the hiring managers in one of their most important tasks -- recruiting. By prioritizing human interactions at a very early stage, Blonk helps validate the fit between both decision makers before pursuing further the relationship.

This new way of recruiting is becoming the precondition for attracting best talents, accelerating hiring processes and building a positive employer brand in the job market.

Reach Passive Candidates the Way They Liked to Be Found

"Passive candidates can only be approached with timely and relevant job offers. They don't look for jobs but they look at jobs. Even the most passive candidate will be open to an interesting project. However, passive candidates need confidentiality in order to engage into any process. Blonk offers a qualitative browsing experience in full confidentiality if required. We help companies uncover hidden talents," said Lynn Tan, Co-Founder.

Love Matching Principles Applied to Job Search

Love matching trends have always inspired the recruitment market. With Blonk, candidates can swipe and like jobs anywhere anytime. When there is mutual like; they can chat directly with interested hiring managers and then set up meetings. Recruiters can access a selected pool of skilled professionals, and invest their time assessing candidates -- not sourcing them. Even in the job market, you can find each other in a few swipes.

About Blonk:

Blonk is a mobile job search application where the right talents and hiring leaders can find each other across geographies in a few swipes. A pioneer in the mobile-first job search space when it was created in Silicon Valley at the end of 2014, Blonk is now focusing its development in Asia. Today, Blonk is an intuitive and motivation driven job matching platform that learns user preferences as they swipe. Blonk helps job seekers find their dream jobs and companies reach top talents wherever, whenever. Blonk is transforming the recruitment experience. With Blonk, recruitment is easier than ever. Talents can love their job search. Blonk app is available on iOS and Android. Visit our website:

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