Magic Wrinkle Softening Product GABA Propalanine Starts A Wave Across Asia and Plans to Enter Other Global Markets

JKS's new cloud-based entrepreneurial model is expected to start a new wave of entrepreneurial small businesses worldwide
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TAIPEI, , Oct. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Skincare brand JKS, a leader in Asia's skincare industry since 2014, has launched in Taiwan. Founded on the principle of using the best natural ingredients to develop skincare creams, the company has formally introduced their GABA wrinkle softening product. JKS has also launched a cloud-based platform,, offering high-quality products, secure payment, convenient shipping, online customer service, and assistance with logistics. With this platform, entrepreneurs can expand the number and variety of product distribution channels available to them, significantly lowering the barriers to entry into the business.

Based on its corporate philosophy of providing both skincare products and entrepreneurial opportunities for women, the company has started a wave of women building their own beauty businesses in Asia and is seeking to expand its innovative business model into Taiwan and other Asian countries and regions, offering cloud-based opportunities around the world.

JKS helps women worldwide alleviate their skin troubles. The firm has conducted in-depth research into skin texture, developing the efficient wrinkle softening ingredient GABA propalanine, a natural amino acid contained in animals and plants including wheat, rice and many vegetables. The ingredient is easily absorbed by the skin, causing it to relax. The brand was the first to use GABA, which has been certified and approved by the French organization Ecocert for its full suite of beauty and skincare products. According to a study conducted by Bloomage Freda Biopharm, GABA is the secret to the immediate softening of wrinkles. Since the GABA series of products was launched, women across Asia have been clamoring for it. Based on its success in Asia, GABA wrinkle softening products have become a hit among consumers across Europe and the US. High-quality GABA products offer a safer and more efficient  skincare method compared with full-scale medical procedures.

In addition to its commitment to developing raw materials and searching for efficient cosmetic ingredients, JKS's new cloud-based platform is seeking the participation of individuals interested in building their own beauty business. After joining the platform, entrepreneurs receive financial rewards based on their performance, with the aim of creating a win-win situation for JKS and the entrepreneurs who join.

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