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Management of GZCI Appointed as DC Holdings' Board Members To Drive the Company's Development of Sm@rt City and Big Data Businesses in Guangdong Province

2017-12-27 22:37

HONG KONG, Dec. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital China Holdings Limited ("DC Holdings" or the "Company", Stock Code: 00861HK) announced that the nomination of Mr. Yu Ziping and Mr. Peng Jing by its largest shareholder, Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. ("GZCI"), as the Company's non-executive directors was approved today by shareholders at the special general meeting. DC Holdings believes that as they possess extensive experiences in Sm@rt City and Big Data operations, their appointment to the board will help the Company to further expand related operations in Guangdong Province.

GZCI is a major state-owned enterprise authorized by the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality to carry out urban infrastructure construction investment and financing, construction, operation and management. The iconic projects it have invested and developed in Guangzhou include the Canton Tower, Huacheng Square, Mall of the World and Haixinsha Asian Games Park. With total assets of RMB116.8 billion as of early 2017, GZCI is committed to creating a "Smart and Flourishing Guangzhou". As of 8 December 2017, it directly and indirectly held approximately 369 million shares in DC Holdings, which represented approximately 22% of the Company's total issued capital.

Mr. Yu Ziping currently serves as the General Manager of Guangzhou Environment Energy CCI Capital Ltd. (''GEE''), the Chairman of Guangzhou Wisdom City Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (a joint venture set up by the Company and GEE), the Director of Guangzhou Chengtou Runze Technology Co., Ltd., and the Legal Representative and General Manager of Guangzhou Wisdom Shipping Marketing Data Services Ltd. He is also a member of the Investment Committee of GZ Investment Group. Mr. Yu previously worked at several large state-owned enterprises and joint ventures. During the period, he was responsible for the formation of various companies, port shipping, urban infrastructure construction and investment operations and management, as well as the development of new industries and other businesses. In recent years, he has mainly focused on the development of smart city and Big Data businesses.

Mr. Peng Jing serves as the General Manager Assistant of GZCI, the Director and General Manager of Guangzhou City Investment Micro Loan Co., Ltd., and the Supervisor of Guangzhou City Jiapeng Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. He previously worked at several large-scale listed financial institutions and state-owned conglomerates. Mr. Peng possessed nearly 10 years' experience in financial investment and financing businesses. During the period, he was responsible for bank credit, trade finance, international business and corporate financial investment. In recent years, he has focused on financial investment and financing and participated in the establishment of Big Data funds and construction funds, and got involved in the group's smart city investment projects.

The management of GZCI said, "DC Holdings is a leading Big Data services provider and Sm@rt City expert in China. It boasts extensive experience in Sm@rt City development, commands leading Big Data technologies and has developed an ecosystem for cross-sector development. The cooperation between both parties are coherent with the government's policy to promote the mixed-ownership reform of state-owned enterprises and the 'Internet Plus' strategy. Moreover, it fits into the overall industrial development plan of Guangzhou, facilitates the city to attract high-tech innovation enterprises and accelerate its integration into the global innovation system, thereby enhancing the development of smart city and Big Data industries in the region. We believe that our cooperation will continuously create added-values and a win-win situation to both sides and drive our sustainable development."

Mr. Guo Wei, Chairman of DC Holdings, said, "GZCI's nomination of Mr. Yu Ziping and Mr. Peng Jing to the board of the Company demonstrated that it is fully confident about our future development. GZCI is the powerhouse of infrastructure and smart city development in Guangzhou, while DC Holdings is the leading enterprise in China's smart city sector. The cooperation between two companies will combine DC Holdings' sophisticated technology and GZCI's strengths in urban development together. It will become a good model of information technology applications in urban development. We believe that our cooperation will surely produce great synergies to both sides and drive the development of smart city and Big Data industries in China. DC Holdings will continue to pursue strategic transformation and innovative development. Through the cooperation with different parties, we will accelerate the pace of our strategic transformation, create new profit growth drivers, promote our sustainable and healthy development so as to create greater returns to shareholders."

About Digital China Holdings Limited

Digital China Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2000 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2001 (stock code: 0861.HK). Since its establishment 17 years ago, DC Holdings has adhered to the mission of creating a "Digitalized China". It has kept pace with the market developments and made persistent efforts to drive business breakthroughs and transformation. Moreover, DC Holdings has vigorously developed a complete value chain for its IT services to offer point-to-point integrated IT services to customers and become the largest integrated IT services provider in China.

In 2010, the Company announced the Sm@rt City strategy. Since then, it has gained extensive experience in smart city development in more than 30 provinces and 120 cities in China. The Company outperforms peers in terms of business concept, strategy, execution and core technology. Boasting an unparalleled expertise in Sm@rt city development, it has been actively involved in the development of Sm@rt city standards in China. Besides, it has leveraged Cloud computing, Big Data and artificial intelligence to drive inovations in its business models. Through its smart applications platform and Big Data services, the Company will vigorously expand into the following vertical value chain: Sm@rt City Management, Sm@rt Medicine, Sm@rt Transportation, Sm@rt Agriculture, Sm@rt Education, Sm@rt Manufacturing, finance services, credit investigation and supply chain operations. By integrating all resources effectively, DC Holdings aims to create an ecosystem for the integration, co-sharing and collaboration of smart cities in China.

Information technology is reshaping our world. DC Holdings strives to create a "Digitalized China" and drive the transformation in Big Data industry which will generate trillions of dollars worth of businesses. lIt will leverages innovative technology to drive the transformation from an industry IT services provider to an industry IT services operator. It is evolving to be a leading smart city enterprise and innovative Big Data services provider in China.

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Source: Digital China Holdings Limited

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