Netherlands' Serverius Cooperates with Huawei to Provide Anti-DDoS Security Services for European Users

2016-03-17 20:21 1810

HANOVER, Germany, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei today announced that Serverius, a well-known ISP in the Netherlands, showed how it used Huawei anti-DDoS solution to provide anti-DDoS security services for 1000+ data center customers in Huawei booth at CeBIT 2016. The show provides visibility into the real-time network traffic and attacks to the Serverius data centers as well as the report data on attack blocking by the anti-DDoS solution. At the exhibition, Serverius also signed the demo site agreement with Huawei and shared with the industry its experience and tips on using Huawei anti-DDoS solution. Serverius is the first demo site that Huawei set up in Western Europe. This demo site will not only provide professional anti-DDoS solutions and services for European customers, but also welcome European enterprises, carriers, and ISPs to visit and share opinions.

Serverius CEO, Gijs van Gemert, said at the agreement signing ceremony that, after one year live network operation, Serverius has seamlessly coupled its service operation system and Huawei anti-DDoS solution and provides DDoS traffic cleaning services for 1000+ data center customers. In the past year, Huawei anti-DDoS solution has helped it to defend against DDoS attacks for tens of thousands of times, during which the peak attack traffic is nearly 200Gbit/s, effectively protecting Serverius data centers and customer service continuity. After deploying Huawei anti-DDoS solution, Serverius has made dramatic improvement in both its competitiveness and operation performance.

At the demo site press conference, Vice President of Global Networking Marketing & Solution Sales Department in Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Mr. Dong Wu introduced that, as mobility, cloud computing, and big data service technologies are widely used, enterprise security borders are blurred, protections are out of control, and information security risks become increasingly severe, among which APTs and DDoS attacks are the most devastating. In 2015, Huawei made outstanding achievements in both anti-APT and anti-DDoS fields. Starting with the successful deployment of Huawei anti-DDoS solution in Western Europe, Huawei is gradually recognized by more and more customers.

At the agreement signing ceremony, Director of Product Management Network Security Services, Huawei Technologies USA, Inc., Mr. Frank IP introduced the big data analysis-based Huawei next-generation anti-DDOS solution. Against the increasingly heavy and simulative DDoS attacks in recent years, Huawei anti-DDoS solution learns service traffic patterns from 60+ dimensions using big data analysis algorithms. It is capable of quickly responding to inaccurate traffic in any of these dimensions and quickly identifying and blocking unauthorized access traffic to ensure that the services of legitimate users are not affected. In addition, Huawei anti-DDoS solution, relying on Huawei's powerful hardware R&D capabilities and distributed architecture, provides 160 Gbit/s protection performance on a single service processing unit (SPU) and Terabit-level protection performance on one device. It is capable of defending against DDoS attacks in any scale to protect service continuity. Apart from that, Huawei anti-DDoS solution has an operable architecture, which provides tenant-specific defense policies and reports and allows rapid integration into existing operation systems through open third-party interfaces for data center operators to rapidly roll out security services.

To handle possible bandwidth congestion and local defense failures on customer networks, the Cloud Mitigation Alliance, advocated by Huawei, provides more than 10 cleaning centers worldwide, which allows near-source DDoS traffic cleaning in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, to completely resolve network interruption problems caused by flood DDoS attacks.

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