New Diamond Technology (NDT) to Unveil World's Largest and Rarest lab-grown Blue Stone at BaselWorld at 12:00 noon, CET

BASEL, Switzerland, March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- New Diamond Technology (NDT), a leader in lab-grown diamonds will present an emerald-cut blue diamond, 5.03-carat, VS1 high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) type-IIb stone, certified, and with its beauty captured, by International Gemological Institute (IGI) [blue diamond video].

NDT's premier to present the largest and rarest man-made blue diamond known to the world will take place at Hall 4.U, booth A24, "Hall of Discoveries" BaselWorld 2016 at 12:00 noon, CET March 17 - following the opening of the global showcase for the must haves in watch and jewellery fashion, which expects 150,000 world jewellery professionals and diamond lovers.

Marc Brauner, co-CEO IGI Worldwide, says, "This 5.03 carat stone is unique in all aspects, and that the science and technology behind the processes synthesizing this stone are rapidly and significantly advancing. The stone's extremely rare Fancy Deep Blue colour and breath-taking brilliance will ensure it a prominent place among the pioneers in the diamond industry." 

NDT's president Tamazi Khikhinashvili says, "Our aim is to take a rightful place in the market of lab-grown diamonds as we gain increasing interest from the worldwide jewelry industry. The opportunities are unlimited!" Khikhinashvili believes the demand for lab-grown diamond products will increase over the coming years, as the 21st Century diamond lover comes to appreciate the jewellery designed and set with some of the finest and rarest diamonds born of a sustainable origin.

Khikhinashvili remarks, "Thanks to the establishment of International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA), our business becomes even more transparent and reliable. We do believe that disclosure and best practices in combination with state-of-the art technology create beauty, trust and sincere admiration inherent in a diamond."  NDT is a founding member of IGDA.

Earlier in May 2015, NDT had produced the world's largest known colourless lab-grown diamond, a 10.02-carat, E colour, VS1 stone cut from a 32.26-carat piece of synthetic rough, also certified by IGI.

"We are thrilled with our breakthroughs - they won't end here - just follow our releases, we'll keep breaking records!"  Khikhinashvili is positive of the development his technology, "at the same time, the demand for high-tech industrial applications of single-crystal diamond products is also growing exponentially."

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Source: New Diamond Technology
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