New to Australia: Mattress That Helps You Recover from Exercise While You Sleep

JUNO launches Australia's first mattress containing scientifically-proven Celliant® technology
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MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sleep system pioneers JUNO have launched Australia's first ever mattress containing Celliant® -- a clinically-proven performance technology that uses the body's natural energy to increase circulation and renew and repair cells while you sleep.

The top cover of JUNO Activate is loaded with Celliant®'s powerful mix of thermos-reactive minerals -- 100% safe and Scientific Advisory Board-backed -- that converts the body's unused energy into infrared energy. The restorative effect of infrared energy helps injuries to heal quicker, pain to subside faster and amplify stamina and endurance - a more nourishing sleep is guaranteed. Designed for people who consider exercise, recovery and healthy sleep as vital in improving the quality of their lives JUNO unleashes the excellent in every active body, every day.

It comes after some of the world's leading research institutions, including the University of California Irvine, University of Calgary and UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center proved that Celliant® helps recovery after exercise and enhances the restorative effects of sleep.

An 8 to 14% improvement was found in oxygenation of subjects wearing Celliant® products in studies conducted by Dr. Lavery, Associate Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at Loyola University Medical Center(1).The study measured oxygen levels among healthy subjects and subjects with previous vascular conditions, all wearing 50% and 100% Celliant® products compared to placebo products.

This statistically significant increase in transcutaneous oxygen (a measure of oxygen in the body) in subjects not only meant an increase in blood flow but, as stated by conducting researcher Dr. Lavery, could also improve wound-healing or eliminate other blood flow obstructions.

These findings were confirmed by Dr. McClue, a researcher with Hyperbaric Treatment & Training Services Ltd, whose studies show a significant increase in transcutaneous oxygen from 10% to 24% in a healthy non-compromised population(2).  

Studies into the connection between sleep and Celliant® products are also promising. A pilot study(3) to measure the effects of Celliant® on six healthy subjects with significant sleep trouble caused by chronic lower back saw each subject given either a mattress cover with Celliant® or a placebo mattress to use for the next two weeks. This was followed by a washout period lasting one week and a second two-week period using either the Celliant® or placebo mattress (whichever was not used during the first test).

Results showed that sleeping on the Celliant® mattress reduced the median time spent awake at night by 18.3 minutes. The subjects also spent an average of 42 minutes less time sleeping. This suggests the sleep they received was more restful, which was also proved by median 2.6% improvement in sleep efficiency. 

To further investigate the JUNO Activate mattress was put through its paces by the toughest critics on the planet -- athletes. All reported an increase in comfort, more powerful sleep, a reduction in muscle fatigue and elevated energy levels. More details of athletes using Juno can be found at


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