No Selfie Stick, No Problem -- OPPO F3 for the Perfect Group Selfies

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MANILA, Philippines, JAKARTA, Indonesia and HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

"Hey, let's take a selfie!"

These words ring out more often among us these days, don't they? From everyday people, to pop stars, presidents, everyone's capturing their important moments by taking selfies.

No Selfie Stick, No Problem
No Selfie Stick, No Problem

More and more, people are taking selfies at family gatherings, parties, even business meetings.  In a Nielsen study[1] done in India, 6 out of every 10 pictures taken with a smartphone are selfies and out of those selfies, almost 9 out 10 are of family and friends, taken at parties and family gatherings. Group selfies have become the best way to mark an occasion, and are used to connect and share moments, among the group itself or on the individual's social media.

Just like a tripod stand is for cameras, the selfie stick has become the must-have accessory for smartphones. It's the extension of your hand, to help take the best group selfie shot, where no one gets cropped out or the venue gets excluded. Others buy wide-angle lens attachment, to capture a wider image frame.

It's Never Just a Single Snap

But somehow, in all the fun of that moment, someone is going to get disappointed. He's either left out, cropped out, or has to be the person who takes the photo. It's like going to a large dinner party of 15 people and you're told you have to split the group up – 10 at one table, and five at another. It's just not the same anymore and the fun is no longer there.

Or how about that last birthday party you went to? Everyone's looking good and ready for a group selfie. It's never just a single snap. There will always be one or two faces that will be a little distorted or blurred, don't they? Someone will complain her "good side" wasn't captured, or someone else screaming "Take again! The angle is not good." What happens next? You all change positions and poses, and snap a picture again. And again. Change position, and snap again. Like ice cream melting in your hand, the fun slowly seeps away, and the smiles get harder to hold with every snap.

Or how about that time you bump into a famous celebrity at a sporting tournament? Or when your football team just won an important game? You want to capture the faces and the venue. Yet again, something has to be given up, either a teammate or the venue, and you miss capturing all the essential elements of that important moment.

Capturing All the Happiness in One Instant

Fret no more, because the selfie secret weapon is now here. Through many conversations with their customers, OPPO designed the OPPO F3, a smartphone that will take away all those frustrations in capturing the best group selfies.

The solution is a dual selfie camera – two dedicated, front facing lenses designed specifically to take selfies. The OPPO F3 has two cameras - one is a high-resolution 16MP camera to capture your standard selfie. The other is uniquely-designed wide-angle camera with a lens that can capture a field-of-view 2 times larger than the standard selfie camera. A larger frame means more people can get into the picture, without squeezing. A larger frame means more of the background can be captured.

All the Smiles Are in

Through cutting-edge technology and engineering, we now have the perfect tool that captures all the happiness, all the fun out of every group gathering – be it at a party, a concert, or a holiday. The F3 that sits in your pocket or handbag is ready to jump out and capture that moment – it's like having a professional photographer ready to save the day.

No sticks, no attachments, and everyone gets to say "Cheese!" just once.

[1]  Based on an online research conducted by Nielsen in 10 cities - Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Kolkata in February 2017. 1001 consumers who purchased a smartphone after 2014 and took selfies at least once a week were surveyed.

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